Tuesday, August 17

the biggest poser

you know. i always swore i'd never do this blog awards thing. for three reasons.

  1. it just seems lame. after all, it's a BLOG for christsakes. not the Great American (Seffrican) Novel.
  2. i don't SEO/optimise/keyword/afrigator/network/trawl for followers etc etc enough to get the kind of manic hit count that raises eyebrows.
  3. i'm pretty lame when it comes to updating my blog. i get FOB easily and bore myself more easily.
  4. the upkeep of constant online relevancy is daunting and skews, sometimes for me, the actual act of living. do i really, REALLY want a pizza named after me? is that the price pinnacle of being The Best Blogger In The Whole Wide South Africa?
  5. and last but not least. i'm easily threatened. it's so boring to be so trite, i know... but there you go.
ok. that was 5. in reality i could probably keep going to 10. actually the only real reason i don't want to do it cos i want to win. and i prolly won't. and then i'll want to smoke.

god that shrink app on monday canNOT come soon enough...

but, ja. so then i saw someone tweet about the SAblogAwards and i got a desperate pang in my gut and the strains of bros's when will i will i be famaaaaahsss? and then i thought i'd just do this thing, and rock my little blog and hey, who knows, maybe i'll win myself a 'i'm famous online' t-shirt.

i also ate some pea soup which took care of the pang in my gut.

why do i embarrass myself on my own blog?

moreover. i quite like blogs. and there are actually some really cool ones that deserve the recognition.

besides. if the webs is like the modern-day gutenberg press a little nod in the direction of people who keep it interesting is in order. no?

so. forward ho. and you to...

click the 'nominate me' banner in the right hand column, nominate and then confirm the nomination when the email comes your way.

at least i think that's how it works. but you're clever plums so you'll get it. (also vote for @hestia_berna 's blog, melktertontwerp. it's my fave.)

for you other bloggers - DO IT. even if you're over the seas. (i'm looking at you @thehuman : themusicsarecoming) ((and you jean jeani : sign language)).

later yo, working on the post about new feminism. was busy with it yesterday but google fucked out on the images. just goes to show. google is, after all, headed up by a bunch of white man people.



Sparky said...

really, darling?
is there no low you won't stoop to?

you realise you are now only a hop, skip and a jump away from listening to justin bieber.

dorothy said...

i was young and stupid.

Sparky said...

you're still young, dear.
*blows kiss*

kyknoord said...

If you aren’t one of the popular kids, you don’t get picked to be on the team. Vox populi, vox Dei and all that (and Bros isn't helping your case. I'm just sayin'...)

dorothy said...

@sparky - and still stupid. fine. point taken. ;)

@KN - but the people, the PPPEEEEEPPPAL, LOVE MEEEE.... don't they? don't they??