Sunday, August 29

i could've danced all night

although i am pleased to announce that my mojo is mostly back i feel i have to point out that waking up at 8.20 on a SUNDAY morning is UNACCEPTABLE after only getting into bed at 5.00 AM.

why my body does this is a mystery to me. if i was not smoking, as i am wont to do for months and months, that awake time would've been 7 AM.

sometimes i blame the sun.



but as those who have shared a bed with me will affirm, this doesn't always need to be the case.

i think my body counts up time and reckons that as i will probably spend, at some point in the future, entire weekends in bed sleeping it'll get its awake time in where it can.

thanks body.

anyhoo. last night was the first night i went out and rocked the party hard without turning into a snivelling social buttercry. it was fun and the men were charming. though the weirdest pick-up line had to have been from a drunk irish man: GOD you are FUCKING ODD. i think that's fucking fanTAStic. kiss me.

although i tend to dish out kisses like candy in a creche, i didn't. i think i'm putting a self-imposed kissing moratorium on myself for now.

or at least i'll try.

last night's round-up of interesting characters included:

a bushy-haired frenchy, whose GF's boy BFF (it scares me that i am using those terms) came to tell me 'zat alzo he wood be zo happi eef hees frend and i got togezer hees gurlfrend ees not so happi about uz tahkeen'. i found this odd cos i thought bushy hair was actually gay and the boy BFF was his boyfriend.

a short muscle mary in a tight bulls jersey (ms america just kept saying: what the FUCK man. are you CRAZY? why are you wearing that top? what's WRONG with you??) who whipped his top off to parade his pecks and then insisted he WASN'T ON FUCKING ROIDS MAN that he WASN'T FUCKING GAY. man. HE'S IN THE FUCKING XYZ TEAM. FUCK. man. i relaxed the raging bull by getting him to talk about pissing techniques. my gaydar is SO kak these days.

um. i think he's just gay acting.
(an aside: do you know how many times mz beckham appears when you google 'gay man'. a LOT.)

a lovely bar manager who kept bringing drinks our table so that we didn't have to stand at the bar and wait like everyone else. (although i'd like to credit how awesome we all are, i think it might simply be because of that unspoken comradery thing restaurantuers have [i was with noen and sherry]).

a convo with a zim dude that started off with him trying to convince me that it would be a good idea for us to get together as his wife and child in zim and his girlfriend and child in eastern cape are all too far, and ended with me lecturing him about the mandrax he does and condom use.

just living that dream

ah there were others, all funny, all wonderful. sadly though, as i got home i still thought, gosh that would've been funner with mr hardman around.

god i'm such a nerd.

anyway. i would more, but i'm meeting the don for a long overdue luncheon which would've been boozy but will now prolly just be healthy, what with this annoying hangover, so i must adieu.

later plums


Anonymous said...

An interesting time was had I see. Always good sunday morning read

kyknoord said...

You need to put those mad graphic skillz to work.

dorothy said...

kn - i is an artist
anony - interesting is the operative word in most of my goings about