Friday, August 20


it's like the active form of 'meh', which is how i've reverted to feeling about the sablogawards.

in an attempt to get to the bottom of my moo-ness i decided to use all the journalistic skills i've acquired after years in the field to find out if the sablogawards should be taken - as with other awards in SA (i'm looking at you pica and eatout) - with a large receptacle of salt.

after digging deep deep deeper, i found what i was looking for to confirm my suspicions. (you too can do so by clicking here > if you're a blogger/interwebs reader or writer you'll know what i'm talking about.

'nuff said.

so in honour of my moo, i've changed the 'nominate me' widget image to kyknoord's fabulous 'dominate me' badge.

love it.

oao plums. have a great weekend. i'll be on the beach and walking up a mountain i think. and reading probably. and sleeping... ah the days are just packed (it's either that or the grinding reality that i am brokeass. as one twitterer said the other day, at the end of the money there's still some month left.)



kyknoord said...

It's an honour just to be dominated.

Lornaland said...

I found your blog while looking through the nominations, and I agree - the list of previous winners is a bit dispiriting (and boring) and I'm in two minds about whether I want to be part of it or not. I guess my not wanting to be part of it is just preparing for sour grapes. Because we all want to be *discovered*, don't we?!