Wednesday, August 25

music to drive by

one of my most favourite things in the world to do is to drive. specifically to drive and listen to some groovy music.

actually this could be a whole ode to my car, which (whom?) i love most dearly. but for the purposes of this post, we'll focus on betty's (for that is the mojo name with which she has been blessed) fucking awesome sound system.

see what i'm doing here? see? huh? huh? do ya?!

went for a midnight drive on saturday. the weather in cape town looked like this:

there's a mountain in the background

possibly not the smartest time to do the city bowl > hout bay > constantia nek > city bowl drive. but it was FUN. and i reckoned it was time to get into the CD sparky gave me a million years ago, Sade's new soldier of love.

for the record i think sade is one of the most beautiful women in the whole wide universe-that-we-know-of.

and i love her voice in the same way that i love nina's.

SoL is generally kinda sad. which is probably why i've been putting off listening to it. although sade can write 'happy' music, there's always a hint of the wistfully sad kinda humming and purring its way through the lyrics or the tunes...

i dunno how but this chicken is probably the only person who can make sad sound very, very sexy.

so my faves from the album are the first two -- the moon and the sky and soldier of love -- but i really enjoyed babyfather and bring me home.

soldier of love


i'd love to embed a track for you, but that's all either been disabled on youtube or sony's decided that buttfuck south africa doesn't get to watch her videos online. so you have to go direct to the site (she has youtube uploads from there, but only the frontpage vids work. sux.)

i couldn't find info on whether her and her hubby are still together, cos lord knows it sounds like she's working through another broken heart.

but, hey, that could just be me...



Sparky said...

gawd, it is a gloriously rich album to listen to, isn't it? I'm glad you took it on your is the perfect winter album dot...again, you display remarkably good taste.

morning bird (probably the most achingly sad song on the album) melts my heart every time. and you gotta admit, at 50, she looks better than most 25 year olds. *purrs*

dorothy said...

she is astonishing in every way. i loved it. went for a drive at about 12.30 - got home just before 2 am - wind whipping up a storm, rain, mountainside, sea, trees... and her humming through the little capsule that is my car as we drove through the night ... sooooo awesome

kyknoord said...

It won't be long before the government puts carbon tax on night driving to combat nocturnal emissions.

Sparky said...

when you go driving in summer, drive and listen to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.

you won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

Anony 1: I shall visit just to hear some music that isn't the early morning 'time to get out of bed' stuff:) Perhaps time to fix my car radio/mp3/cd player (or replace it)