Wednesday, September 22

fun for the whole family

Air Sex World Championships
cos who doesn't want to look like a 'tard under hypnosis in front
of thousands of people

Contestants will 'thrust, grab and motorboat their way for two minutes, while covering all the bases of the air sex experience: meeting, seduction, foreplay, intercourse and, if successful, afterglow'.

got your 'o' face ready to go?

air sex apparently originated in a small club in Japan, and YouTube clips were apparently all over the interwebs a couple of years back. then alamo drafthouse brought it america, and, well, now we a big ra-ra ***bling bling **** AIR SEX WORLD CHAAAAAMPIOOOONNN ***bling bling bling ****

these americans are crazy. and good to laugh at.

most fun you can have with your clothes on? i'd rather consider ben wa balls to be the most fun i can have with my clothes on.

sally was having a very, very good day

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Bordeaux said...

If most of the contestants resemble Mickey Mouse T here then I'd be into watching. Well, if it gets shot from the neck down. That T-shirt and boxers are making my nether regions tingle.

Lols said...

OMG Dorothy.... LOL you are the funniest chick ever. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Air STD championships.

Sparky said...


dorothy said...

air std championships? a lot of scratching and pulling of weird faces. a bit yawn. they'd have to spice it up with picking, popping and wiping actions and maybe a little stint with 'finding and squeezing dead the crabs'

@lols :)

@b - LOVED the postcard, as for the dude, what exactly is he doing with his left hand and which body part is it supposed to be tweaking? these questions concern me...