Thursday, September 30

let's talk about sex

Scared to offend? Dorothy Black thinks it's ridiculous that talking about sex remains a taboo.

About a month or so ago I got my first BCCSA complaint about The Dotspot on 5FM.

BCCSA complaints are hardly a rarity in media. Venting of the moral spleen is a happy past-time in South Africa. Especially with regards to the hot topics of religion, sex, politics and race (in no particular order).

In fact, judging by some of the comments left on women24's columns, you'd think sex is the evil that is corrupting the very heart of our global society and it alone -- along with Islamic terrorists, Jewish land-grabbers or the Christian fight-wing (whatever suits your compass) -- will be the downfall of man.

(the podcast for the show that got the first complaint is on sasha martinengo's site here)

'The song’s cautionary lyrics and frank discussion of HIV, condoms, and cultural censorship positioned Salt-n-Pepa to become an activist group that would continue to rally behind the cause of HIV-awareness and safer sex.' SEXAMERICA

so the sexpo's up again. this weekend in jozi and in the mother city in dec. here's what i wrote about the sexpo last year.

mind. blown.

this week's column is really pretty tame in tone. which is very different to how passionately i feel about the topic. i just couldn't let the shriek come through. i'm truly boggled at how double standards and false logic prevail against rational thinking.

mind. blown.

speaking of blowing minds. got a reader write in with a question about her bf who thinks she's cheating on him because she doesn't ejaculate when she has sex with him (she squirts a stream by herself...). two things:

one. so odd that a man can expect a chick to shejaculate on demand
two. how her not squirting is a testament to her character not his shitty sex techniques or impatience.

men. are. weird.


Sparky said...

stud butler!

dorothy said...

we going again this year?

dignity said...

did you get away with being on radio that morning with that huge hangover? alcohol is mos also evil for those ppl...

sparky said...

oh absolutely!

MsMInkyatWhet said...

Update on Sexpo in Cape Town. Dates have changed so it's end of November 26,27.28 and not December.