Monday, September 20

no postsecret

there wasn't one i particularly LOVED this week. so i'll post an arb collection of pics from my crappy phone, cos i'm so menstrual the bloat in my tummy is taking over brain space and i can't be bovverd to think of something even vaguely cool to opine about.

me and my bloat

and i'm about as spiky also. with that weird look of surprise on my face for just how much bloat my uterus can test me with. all in all a very accurate depiction.

a random paper man plastered to the promenade. how odd, don't you think? who decides that what this grey promenade needs is a cut-out paper man. what is the meaning of it all? should i go draw a happy face on it?

my surprise olive bonsai which grew itself in my palm's pot from a throwaway pruning of the big daddy

my hydrangea which once was dead from the blight and now is alive

a clever slide postcard from bordeaux

crystal pools. perfect for outdoor sex preferably during the week with no one around.
i plan to test this theory. (just don't get lost trying to get to the top pool. sucks.
i speak from experience. as always.)

i made a bunny. cos that's how i roll. yo.

yup. that's 'bout it. i too will have a lovely camera soon. and then pics will be awesome and you'll gasp and sigh.

oao plums.


Anonymous said...

Cool bunneh. Are you doing a remake of Con Air?

dorothy said...

puut the bunnah down
love that line
the whole time i was making it i was thinking about how i was going to say that to a two year old. so i decided i'd give it to her mother rather.
children. just can't trust 'em not play with their toys

Anonymous said...

Anony 1: And keeping it away from the 2 year old is an interesting adventure... forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

dorothy said...

LOL - forgot you might actually read this :)

Anonymous said...

Anony 1: I regularly spy on you :) The fast car late at night screeching around the corner... now you know.

Bordeaux said...

Ah! You got the postcard.