Tuesday, September 28

peace and joy

back at yoga. daily. found a new studio which i am loving. got the whole bikram thing with added hot vinyasa and ashtanga and such and such... mostly it's pretty. i'm much about pretty.

and i'm not telling where it is because it's still new(ish) and the whole of cape town isn't going there yet.

i'm being selfish that way.

fortunately i'm not at all buddhahistic in any way. or krishna-something-or-another or whatever religion espouses sharing stuff all the time.

besides. i figure myself more on the toaist path. in which case i would rather you find it on your path in your own time, in your own stream, when the universe or something sends you a guide when you're ready etc etc etc

The Stream. Find your own, cocksucker.


Spear The Almighty said...

I actually just wing it. Screw paths and streams. Or is winging it my stream? :)

dorothy said...

verily brother you have found the slipstream

Sparky said...

"...find your own, cocksucker."?

wow. strong feelings about the issue, ma'am?

dorothy said...

it was meant to be funny. a tie-in with the namaste bitches t-shirt. geddit. christ almighty. (i almost didn't put the comma in that cocksucker sentence)

Sparky said...

like "is you is, or is you ain't my baby, maddafukka"?

good thing you did put the comma. would have radically changed the meaning, otherwise!

Bordeaux said...

Mmmmm, cock sucking. That's the kind of path I like.