Monday, September 6

postsecret pic of the week

so mondays are therapy mornings. just as well considering how i usually fall out of weekends. (did you know: drunkenly discussing one's therapy with all and sundry is not considered appropriate conversation. #itsafact)

anyway. talking about overshare...

this postsecret both delighted and disturbed me.


i'm not sure if it disturbed me because of the word 'emits' or that it's the MOST pleasant 'smell' she's ever come across or that i can't imagine that her vagina could smell more wonderful than, say, jasmine or buttered popcorn...

i feel like i'm in some willy wonka factory of vagina smells trying to conjure up just the most pleasant scent in the world and i just can't get a handle on it.

i will create vagina scent that will smell like caramel and sandlewood and peaches and
sugar and spice and all things nice...

which actually just reminds me of the godawful vag spray -- intimate spray, as the marketing gods will have us call it -- that just serves to remind women the world over that they and their feminine bits are disgusting and stenchfilled.

who uses that shit anymore? here's a PSA > if your vagina is 'emitting' a 'smell' that is strong enough to permeate your clothes and your immediate person, you don't need spray you need a gynae.

even if it smells like roses. (though if it does really smell like roses you could totally do an oprah show where you discuss how st theresa graced your punani...)

she came to me at night and touched me in my special place

oao plums
i need some quiet time


Anonymous said...

Coming from a guy, and I can only speak of my gf's, it really does smell great! But thoroughly differently great from say a rose. One is aesthetically pleasing, the other physically pleasing. Don't know if that helps.

dorothy said...

it does. thank you anony. tho methinks you take me a leeetle too seriously no?

Anonymous said...

I'm serious by nature lol. Was just my 2 cents worth. Love your blog and your tweets. Think you great! You are refreshingly open tho i don't always agree with you.

Keep up the great work!

dorothy said...

oh two cents away! thanks for the compliments :) you're welcome to seriously two cents away and compliment any day. besides, how cani not appreciate a dude that loves his gfs? :)

Anonymous said...

Bad touch, St Teresa!

Sparky said...

the ex catholic in me just thought up a name for a new church.

"our lady of the perpetual flowery nether parts"

with a name like that, i think there might be a revival in the waning catholic faith

now if you'll excuse me, I need to dodge a lightning bolt/ divine smiting

dorothy said...

KN - is st theresa giving you the no feeling?

Sparks - i would TOTALLY go to church if it were called that :) besides, if it were called that wouldn't the 'smiting' take on a WHOLE new angle?

Margot said...

Who came across whose vagina???

tina grim said...

no such thing as overshare with peeps you've known for years n years n years!

we all need therapy, just think of it as geting in early to avoid the rush :)