Wednesday, September 1

those who can, blog

i've said all i need to say about blogging here. the nominations have been declared and, i must say, i'm was truly flabbergasted -- FLABBERGASTED (did i spell that right?) -- that i wasn't nominated. (k, not really, but still...)

what the hey, i said to myself.

and then i checked out the noms and actually i'm not flabbergasted at all (though i can't say the same for tweet noms -- i don't think this category was well researched at all). i think the blogs that got in were way cool and introduced me to some sites and tweeters (via their blogs, not their tweet noms) that are genuinely kiff.

mostly. i am thrilled that it wasn't a one blog/blog circle group wank fest.

my nominations are as follows (for the sites i would actually follow...there are categories that i just don't care much for although i dig the peeps running them...):

The Exclus1ve Best Entertainment Blog

a thousand guitars

The Best Post on a South African Blog

The Best New Blog


The Best Food and Wine Blog


The Olmeca Edicion Black Best Music Blog


The Jameson Whiskey Best Fashion Blog


The Best Group Blog


The Ogilvy Twitter Microblogger of the Year

i think these are good choices. i don't think they're the only ones. there are many others i think were very short-changed by not being listed. but as i've said, i hold very little regard for award forums in sa.


go here to nominate the blogs. or even if you don't, click the links i've provided to check them out. they're really pretty fucking cool.

in the meantime: a very funny youtube thingy (who did it?) about hitler not being nominated for an sablogaward. from downfall (probably one of the best in its genre)...

and as a note to those who are interested, i really, truly, believe there should be a separate category for lifestyle branding blogs. you know what i'm talking about. (and MY GOD the sablogawards site was just well and truly kak... think 'intuitive' next time guys. srsly.)


kyknoord said...

What exactly is a flabber and how do you go about gasting one?

dorothy said...

it's a very intricate process, i'm told, involving levers and chains and cogs and such... very unpleasant

Vodka and Ground Beef said...

Well now this is an outrage. Are there no blog categories for true heros like me?? How about just plan lovers of vodka??

I love the word "kiff." What does that mean? I don't know, but I'm using it. A lot.

By the way, it just asked me to retype the word "Poke twat" (but all one word) as verification that I'm human. I like that.

dorothy said...

POKE TWAT!!! that's hysterical!

kiff - is, like, super radical, amazing awesomeness... all wrapped up into one easy 4 letter word... much like other cool things in this world :)