Thursday, October 14

ex sex : FTW or FAIL?

Is it ever ok to sleep with an ex? Dorothy Black finds that sometimes the rules just don't seem to matter

Ex sex is like getting drunk. It all seems to be a grand idea while you’re knocking back the shots of good times but the emotional hangover the next day makes one wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to curl up in bed alone with a cup of rooibos tea.

That's why there's a rule against ex sex.

Of the few pages that remain in my personal Rulebook of Love – among them ‘Thou Shalt Not Date Someone Who Wears Crocs’ and ‘Thou Shalt Not Date A Person Who Abuses You’ – there is the ‘Don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER give in to ex sex. Ever.’ Golden Rule rule.

It is a good rule and quite safe and is a rule I stand by and support 100%. I also tend to break it every so often. Read more...

fucksticks. haven't been able to blog for what feels like a MILLION years. too scared to look at my stats and see all of only 5 people clicking through still.


apparently, the vodacom man tells me, they've corrected their sim swap fuckup at last and it should be working.

it better i said at him down the phone in my most very authoritive voice. or i'll...i' very very angry and CALL YOU TOMORROW AGAIN.

you could almost hear the thunder clouds rumble in the distance.

anyhoo. gotta go again. deadlines. they just keep fuckin coming.


Sasha Fox said...

I totally agree - I try to avoid having X's and prefer to have to X Buddies. You've only scratched the surface here - sex with an ex's friend (probably not a good idea but hasn't backfired yet), sex with two ex's at the same time (wrong for all sorts of reasons), sex with your ex-colleague, ex-boss or ex-secretary (big yes), sex with your ex-teacher (kinky). :P

Sparky said...

I employ very much a scorched earth policy when it comes to exes.

once the heart is broken, it can't be mended, and I don't sleep with people I don't feel strongly for.

(and by feel strongly, I mean emotions other than lust)

but thats just me.

dignity said...

unemotional sex with an ex is not possible… and as soon as there are emotions involved its not just sex anymore