Wednesday, October 27

hack hack spit

i hate being sick. (not sick in the head sick, sick in the body sick...)

i feel it's just necessary to prequel the 'sense and sensuality (part 2)' post with this because i hate making promises i can't keep and last thursday i was all like 'tomorrow i'll do this and this and that' and now it's wednesday and i haven't done anything.

mountains of tissue paper. mountains.

this not doing anything includes lots of things, like not finishing two articles i was supposed to have done, oh, about 3 weeks ago, my column and various other niggly bits of living essentials -- details of which i will not expound on here.

needless to say, regardless of the fact that i still feel like shit it's time to forward on...march 'ho...adopt my parents attitude to being sick. you know: if you're not bleeding from every orifice or nothing's fallen off you're clearly ok to be going to school/work/church...

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