Thursday, October 28

postsecret pick of the week

i would grab

1. my laptop
2. um... a blanket
3. um... fuck. i don't have anything else i'd want to save. no pets. my plants would, well, die of the shock anyway... my gamillions of books,, save one, save em all? jewellery... hmm

does that make me lame or incredibly, incredibly cool?


wordwanderlust said...

Myself...and then i'd go shopping for all things new. Isn't insurance grand (well, er, mostly?!)

dorothy said...

HA! if you have it. i'm working on the assumption that - like me - you don't. one day when i'm grown-up i'll get insurance for sure.

dignity said...

old photos... cash....

incredibly cool though, its only earthly possessions. (that we cannot live without)

Anonymous said...

anoni1: kids and passports (sadly I actually have a file with all my passports and certificates in - for just such an emergency)