Saturday, October 30

safe sex toys

Your sex toys may be giving you hours of fun in the bedroom, but Dorothy Black wonders whether you know what you’re putting in your body?

I wasn’t the first person to enjoy my very first vibrator. No, that honour went to the creepy gentleman behind the counter whose penis seemed to live vicariously through my new florid-pink jelly vibe – he eagerly showed me how to grip the shaft, insert batteries and twist the speed knob this way and that, this way and that, until I had a little lump of bile in my throat.


it's saturday morning. the column's up. i want to say something witty and har-di har har, but i'm not in the mood. the day's too lovely to think very hard and i'm on my way to the diemersfontein pino on tap fest. well, soon, at least. after some breakfast. and a steam. maybe a wee coffee somewhere...

can't say i'm looking terribly forward to it a whole day of missioning. what with the having the cooties the whole week.

but still. wine. yummo.

oao plums


Anonymous said...

Anoni1: Did you enjoy? i thought you said Diemersdal - now I know why I couldn't find anything on their website :) Good article as always!

Sparky said...

*points accusingly*

dignity said...

thats why i prefer shopping online; to avoid the alien behind the counter