Thursday, October 21

sense and sensuality (part 1)


i have my moments of crying into my pillow, gnashing my teeth and writhing in professional jealousy as my peers get actual books published, regular opinion columns placed in actual magazines and blog awards sold to them thrown their way in recognition of their genius, creativity and sheer brilliance of spirit.

i'm not bitter at all.

i mean. writing a sex column on south africa's biggest online platform is not to be sniffed at. so to speak. and my five minutes of weekly rah rah on national radio is pretty cool. there's no denying that.

but every now and then, between the glamour of the 'you're a whore' comments and the delicate strains of the porny #thedotspot background muzak, i have to ask myself: where's the freaking respect man.

where. is. the. freaking. respect.


and then i reckon that if i actually wrote a fucking book it might help. or pitched more publications. or toned it down or something. write about politics and use words like polarisation.

you know? get proactive about shit. life and stuff. stop hanging out with friends and getting drunk. or lying in bed and wanking. and then falling asleep. cos you just KNOW nothing gets done that way.

i mean. i was thinking just the other day that i have dreams. dreams and aspirations, like all almost-somebodies out there.

dreams of fame, cookies, happiness, the ultimate orgasm etc etc

and then i realised just HOW i could make what i do relevant. and real. and helpful and useful and hopefully get me a pulitzer goody and a regular column in a clever broadsheet with clouts of respect.

i'll do freaking SEX TOY REVIEWS!

these will be both helpful and useful and meaningful and people will respect what i say cos i'll be fucking AWESOME at it.

and for serious, HOW many south african bloggers are doing sex toy reviews that aren't actually trying to sell you the product?

not many. that's how many.

besides. my goodie box is looking a little sad and needs some stuffing...

SO. i went to the first person - and really, the ONLY person in cape town - who could help me: Ms Minky at the whet sensuality emporium on long street.

i'll blog more about it tomorrow and let you plums in on the game plan. cos we got one. and it's pretty groovy. (part 2 tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

Dottie, I must just say that in my book you have fame. I must also say that in my head you look like Cheryl Cole. In leather. That is all...

Mvelase Peppetta said...

Ooh, this all sounds awfully exciting Dot. I showed one of my best girl-friends your tweets about that S-shaped sex-toy & she was super excited about it & said she hoped you'd do a review about it. I'll be sure to tell her that's the road you're going down.

I suppose to successfully bring about the end of civilisation as a commentor on your column once accused you of doing, one does need to diversify.

Anonymous said...

Dot, the reason I m a loyal follower to your musings, writings and posts is that you're real.

You're not some poncy, self opinionated narcissistic twat, looking up big words in the dictionary.

I deal with enough of the above at work, and in daily life. And to be honest, when I'm lying in bed crying because a certain dickwad broke my likkle heart, I'm not interested in politics, or starving kids in Dar-fur- I just wanna know that other women go through the same stuff and that ex-sex is still a bad idea. Because that's the real life stuff that counts!

Can't wait for the new features!

dorothy said...

anony - you're a star. as my dad would say. 'cept he would follow that up with 'a disaSTAR'. geddit? ha. ha. my therapist tells me she's very sure he had very strong feelings of parental care for me at some point. (and in my head i look like cheryl cole also. in leather.)

mvelase - i do my diversifying under my other names ;)

mebelee - i'd hug you if i could.

crusty said...

You are SUCH a tease. Dish the dirt on the dildo already! Didn't your parents teach you that it is cruel to tease animals?
On a serious note, like Mebelee said we are inundated with cliched, depressing articles on a daily basis. Your writing is a breath of fresh air - not necessarily in the puritanical, conventional way :)

Sparky said...

the truth is, dot does look like cheryl cole. in leather.
only dot has better legs. *bites a knuckle and whimpers at the memory*

well done, sweetie. you might not think so, but I think you've done a champion job with your writing career so far. look how far you've come in so short a time?

completely inappropriate hugs 'n kisses

(your biggest fan)

Anonymous said...

YAY, let's hear it for Ms Minky at Whet Sensuality Emporium, see Ms Minky airing live on Carte Blanche this Sunday 24 October 2010