Wednesday, October 27

sense and sensuality (part 2)

When i recently got the small brain function of colloborating with ms minky from whet sensuality emporium on sex toy reviews i actually had no idea just how awesome the whole process was going to be.

or how eye-opening.

of all the eye-openers i'll share with you in the future, the first is really simply about store placing.

i first found out about whet when i walked past it on long street one boiler of a day. it really was a bit of fluke. the sidewalks were crowed and i had to cut my pace to a shuffle slow enough to take a look at what was around me. this just happened to be a little store with almost no signage, no window dressing and only a stack of fliers on the door gate to explain what it was about.

this was whet - the ONLY mainstream adult store (the not-so-mainstream being kinx) worth going into in cape town - and it was practically hidden from view in full daylight.

really a metaphor for the average saffa's take on sex.

see. whet and other stores like it cannot open shop in malls. not because it's illegal, but because it's frowned upon. landlords and fellow shop owners don't want the signage or the window dressing because it might reflect badly on the integrity of the neighbourhood.

so while huge sex chain stores like ann summers can open shop in malls in only slightly less verkrompt countries like the UK, our sex stores - no matter how genteel and lovely - are relegated to the outside over there so as not to offend delicate saffa sensibilities (an oxymoron if ever there was one).

ann summers? meet tygervallei. not.

listening to ms minky talk about this reminded me again of how repressed south africa remains. our country's sexual revolution may have started but we're still petitioning for supporters.

which is why i'm doing this review thing. for the good of all mankind really. to spread the word, light the fires, start the conversation for the sexual well-being of all south africa.

me. dorothy black. sexual liberator. opinionista. woman. lover. wanker.

i had a dream...

and i get cool shit.

in return for this almost-selfless act of socially responsibility i'd like you to go check out ms minky's (her name's marina) lovely store if you're in cape town and/or click through to her online store to buy your goodies (i'm going to include a little logo thingy on my page).

marina bills her boutique as a 'women-orientated, sexually positive space' that explores 'sensuality and sexuality in a wholistic and empowering way'...

and it's true. jokes aside, i'd never collaborate with anyone i didn't like or whose ethos or character disturbed me in any way. and i like marina, and i like whet. i like the store. i like the goodies. i like the fact that you can walk in and talk to marina about anything. and i like the fact that she makes lube. seriously. more about that later.

do give it a bash. women need more chick-friendly sex and sensuality spaces.

here are some pics:

my first review will be on my precious the delight, as pictured above

anyway. i need some more sleep. all this keeping my eyes open has taken it out of me totally.



dignity said...

so much nicer than a sleazy sex shop somewhere downtown

dorothy said...

isn't it just? it's really quite a cosy, quiet lovely space. marina tells me she'll be holding some workshops or talks there at some point also...

Sparky said...

I work with her ex hubby, I think.
small world.