Tuesday, November 9

enchanted dolls

i love things that are mini. well. SOME things that are mini. and whenever i look at sculpture i want so desperately for it to move (i hate when you can't touch sculpture pieces) that in my mind's eye, i swear, they come alive. and then, i really really really wish i had a pocket monster (no, don't go the yawn route with that one), like a dragon or a little monkey or a little furry thing of some alien origination that could talk...

but sanity doesn't always allow us to get the things we want.

so, instead, i spend hours pouring over these little beauties, introduced to me by sparky.

click on this to enlarge it. so amazing.

"In all the tattoos, the porcelain is engraved with a needle while still raw,
fired and then china paint
is rubbed into the grooves.
Accents are added in additional layers."

i can't list all my favourites. i love them all. the creator's name is marina bychkova. she makes me want to make dolls. and stare at them long and hard until they come alive.

visit her site - the enchanted doll - to check out her list of dolls for sale, or visit her blog for some interesting background info and pics.



Sparky said...

love that hindu one (but then I've always loved that style of design - hence the tattoos). most porcelain work looks so dead and lifeless, but these look as though they are seconds away from unmistakeably feminine life.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely made doll but the price has somehow risen to strange(dare I say artificial) heights amounting a slap in the face for people who covet one and equally so for other artists who's ball jointed porcelain dolls are just as beautiful and labour intensive. Methinks Marina Bychkova is a master at marketing as well as doll making.

Anonymous said...

Nice dolls but waaaaaaay overpriced. Lots of former fans can't stomach the planned, so it seems, gradual non-availability of these dolls by Bychkova, resulting in stupid people scrambling to pay any ridiculous amounts for them while the artist shows off her new digs and blogs about her vacations.

The bottom will fall out on the prices, as it enevitably did for a certain Blythe artist who's custom work was
uncomparable too.