Thursday, November 11

a very schizo day

christ i hate when i have a bad #thedotspot show.

it's not so cool when 30 seconds into a 2 min show i realise my brain isn't quite up to speed and i don't remember - uh, um.. WORDS! (yes that's it! WORDS!) and that i all i want to actually say the person asking the question is YOU'RE A BIG FAT STINKY uh umm thing that sit's on your neck thi-HEAD. YES! HEAD!

i know it's not a big deal in the greater scheme of everything, but i've got a reputation of being clever-ish and bad-ass to uphold. my millions two fans demand it from me (HI DAD!!). (next therapy session in T minus 3 days, 20 hours...)

it's like a big fat stinky reminder of how lame i feel sometimes -- but on national radio. awesome.

fat. stinky. head.

big words.

and i'm feeling particularly lame today.

i really am generally quite happy. seriously. just when i'm not.

like i'm playing both williams and de niro's part in awakenings.

like the together part of my mind -- as portrayed by dr malcolm sayer (williams) -- really, truly believes that the rest of my mind -- as portrayed by leonard lowe -- can revive itself, come back to life really, from the comatose pit of stupidity (in my case) in which it finds itself.

come on Brain! you can do it!

oh well.


leonel said...

Dear Dot
Sometimes it's hard not to be able to say " Oh, fuck off, brain" and go get a new one at Clicks, but truth be told, you're addressing plantlife out there in radioland. We're becoming as stupid as the Americans. Like "Lisbon is the capital of Europe" as someone once answered, no doubt trying to win a set of extra small condoms on a radio quiz.
So do not be disheartened... we all have our post tequila meltdown, sometimes weeks later than expected. Sometimes immediately..
I don't know who the fuck runs the 'Tequila-After-Effects" program but fuck them too.
Cupcakes were outrageously good by the way
Off to the studio. I feel like a hamster this week. Not as in ' desire", but as in, I keep going round and round and round and never seem to get a breather...
have fun

Sparky said...

Ultima Brain fuel.
its the source of my evil power. well, that and my nubbin.

Shelldon said...

So sorry I missed it now! Am so going to download the podcast. Sometimes dot dearest, as the Pope once said... it's a bitch.

Kaloo said...

Darn it!
I had this brilliant comment to make and now i'm lost for words... :(
I'll swing around later when I feel more wordsy :)
In the meantime, your blog rocks.