Friday, November 12

keenan (the lip master) cahill

frack. so this 15-year-old dude has Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome google tells me. which means a lot of things but essentially he stays quite small.

for some time now his thing has been to tape himself lip-synching to famous songs and then post them to youtube.

where, naturally, he's become super super famous. his katy perry vid and 50 cent vids are the most mostest of the lot.

to be honest though, this one below was the one that really cracked me up. dude's so sincere and so really feeling those lyrics. i feel bad laughing at him. it's lynchian in a away.

reminds me of creepy goddess bunny girl in a way. i've never quite figured what's creepier - the fact that she (he) looks that way, is that unhealthy, is dressed that way, tap dancing, taping herself - or that someone else was taping her (him?)...


Anonymous said...

THAT is just..
It's just..
What the f@ is that? The man-girl? What is that? WHY is that???
The boy is funny though, I'm sure he wouldn't mind you laughing at him, looks like he's doing it to get a few laughs.
Love your blog!

Helen said...

Ack! I had completely forgotten about the Goddess Bunny until now. It is actually a guy, he's in the Dope Show video for Marilyn Manson too. Horrifying.