Thursday, November 25

Mr Movember Face Update

bitch is trying to convince me that he's not touched his mo. not trimmed it, not scissored it, not nothing'd it.

i don't believe him. i'm seeing NO freaking progress here. what kind of facial hair doesn't grow a noticeable bush in a week? if my vagina can do that then your face should be able to also.

you're so almost fired sparks. let's see how you do next week or YOU'RE VOTED OFF THE ISLAND.


sparky said...

my mo is very different from your vagina, woman! it doesn't grow like its making a break for freedom. its slowly nurtured. it has to be sweet talked into growth, and your negativity, YOUR SEETHING NEGATIVITY is giving it growth anxiety.

I hope you're happy. mo killer. *grumbles*

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It's coming along nicely.

dorothy said...

i'll see you saturday mo'bitch. i'll be feeling that face junk up close and personal so we'll see. yes. we'll see...

KN. stop with all this positive reinforcement goddammit. you're showing me up on my own blog world.

Sparky said...

I love it when you talk dirty.
which admittedly, is pretty much all the time.