Friday, November 26

our own private regretsy

so. i'm going to make fun of someone's artwork now, but before i do, let it just be said - a kind of disclaimer really - that i KNOW i have a penchant for shell hangings, but they are NOT the same as this...

that's a lot of abalone shells. i can't figure if i think it's really inventive or desperate... like someone (maybe the disgruntled wife of a perlemoen smuggler) just got fed-up with all the shells lying around and couldn't give ANOTHER ashtray for christmas, so resorted to just gluing the fuckers everywhere.

it belongs on regretsy - where DIY meets WTF. case in point:

yes. you read right. yours for only $2 500. though... if damien hirst did this, he'd sell it at auction in 10 minutes flat for $2.5 million.

value, after all, is all in the name.

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dignity said...

enjoy sexpo... we have food n wine show