Monday, November 1

postsecret picks of the week

i know we all need them sometimes but i hate when
people have to lie to keep them up and on

i wrote a deep and insightful piece once questioning why
boys spend so much time on the bog

my mom told me once that this is how she feels

these are my current fave radio play songs:
(and you may not judge me for it)

just the way you are - bruno
teenage dream - katy perry
somebody to love - bieber


Sparky said...


you're dead to me, woman.

dorothy said...

i just can't help liking that song - it's just so LOVELY. dammit. and he sounds kinda cute and sweet singing it...

Sparky said...


dorothy said...

whatever. at least i'm adult enough to admit when i crush on a child-song.

Anonymous said...

I keep on reading, 'I don't like mels' sigh. sad really.

dorothy said...

OHMYGOD! lemon. WTF. that's not ok.