Sunday, November 21

postsecret pics of the week

this person would judge me so badly. i still want a 1950s housewife.

i bet it's the ginger. that's why she doesn't want her daughter to know... she doesn't want her kid to know her dad's a carrot-top. this pic saves as 'theworldthinksyoureperfectbutyourdaughterdeservesbetter'.

so it can't be ginger. potter? no one cares about the rest.

and on the back:

and cue my next column...


LordFoom said...

" that's why she doesn't her daughter to know "

Wee spelling error :)

dorothy said...

aaah pedants. i love when they comment on the GRAMMAR problems of a missing word. i blame my genius lordfoom. oft my thoughts fly too fast for me to capture them all in exact and correct order. i shall correct forthwith and with gratitude.

Anonymous said...

It's also possible that she slept with all of them, which is why she isn't able to identify the father.