Monday, November 15


i have a very small tv. very small.

a little bit of this challenged tv size has to do with the fact that i don't care much for spending money on getting a big tv (or paying for a TV license for shit i don't watch) but mostly it's because i'm lazy and don't really like the mental effort it takes to absorb and digest the piles and piles of BS in the form of ads, bad reruns and parlotones/KFC infomercials.

i prefer my TV for news and reality shows. oh and 30rock.

a 5x5 cm tv suits me just fine for this.


point is, i happened to put the box on for 20 minutes yesterday and there was an insert about ausie muso SIA.

so i thought i'd just say how much i like her.

i like you sia

you might recognise her voice from the stuff she's done with zero 7. this is my favourite track from the first album that i heard, healing is difficult:

i was introduced to this album on a wee ex-pat groupie holiday in kenting. we didn't all like each other but fuckit we had fun anyway -- it was a swimming, scootering, tanning, eating, skinny-dipping booze fest with great music.

we were all rude, loud, obnoxious americans for a few days.

the only pretty beach in the whole of taiwan.
think it was called something inspired, like blue beach or something

so her new one, we are born, is out. though i think the insert was about one of older CDs, some people have real problems. so, kinda news worth knowing two years ago. you go SABC. seriously. go. go away.

anyway. i'm very excited. a new summer soundtrack album? i hope so. she does those super well. yay!


dignity said...

is MacGyver still on SABC?

Anonymous said...

Anoni1: over 3yrs back and still don't pick up any tv channels. new spot got 3 or more(?) antennas + satellite - still can't be bothered to tune it.

Sparky said...

I must be the only south african that doesn't get this parlatones hooplah