Friday, December 17

the days are just packed

this is lhasa. i love her. you should love her to. i found her in a music store the size of a table in taiwan. it was when she was still singing in other languages. the cd was so rare in those parts i think it cost me something stupid like the equivalent of small apartment in camps bay.

la llorona - the weeping woman

then, a few years later, caro made me a mix tape and included the above awesome song - anywhere on this road. my fave line is: 'if i can stand up to angels and men, i'll never get swallowed in darkness again.'


it's been a day full of stuff.

earlier i met baba dez and martina, a daka and shaman and a dakini in training. we lay in the sun on the deck of a wood cabin in scarborough -- they naked, me mostly clothed (i was working afterall) -- talking about the nature of sexuality and what it means to become whole.

after, i came home and got properly naked and spent the rest of the late afternoon and early evening in bed with mr hardman. i can still smell him on me. yum hum purrrrr...

nothing wrong with that.

tonight i went to the black cadilac something or another presented by the black orchid crowd. it was... interesting...

i'll more later.

nighty night plums
love and hugs,

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