Monday, December 20

dot reviews: the We-Vibe

this is kinda the look mr hardman gave me when i presented him with the we-vibe

First impressions
I was literally busting at the gut to try the We-Vibe. After all the hype and hoo-hah about what a revolutionary product this is I was like a kid in a candy store when I met marina to choose my next product for review. I want I want I want I wantitwantiwantiwantiwannaiwanna ah aha ha... was the idea... what i got was, well, interesting.

What it is
The We-Vibe is a rechargable couples vibrator, worn while making the happy.

How it works
The one 'arm' nestles bewteen your labia, stimulating your clitoris, while the other 'arm' slides into your vagina and is pressed against your g-spot by your partner's penis that slides in underneath it, like this:

click to enlarge

The arms flex back quite wide accommodating any shape and allowing the pads to rest snugly over contours. Saying this, i had to push the inner arm quite high before the outside pad rested very neatly between my labia. The surfaces are ridged for extra pleasure etc, but i suspect this might also have something to do with grip.

Despite its diminutive size, the force is strong with this one. The vibe carries well throughout the toy and its ooo factor is high for both parties. It's ok for solo use also -- especially as a dual penetration toy if you pop the narrower end up your bottom -- but it wouldn't be my toy of choice, the flexible bits become too flexible without the help of a cock to position it firmly.

Speaking of, missionary position was pretty cool and it was pretty spectacular for me on top. Though, problem with that is blood flow to the penis and funny angles. Try sitting rather. Spooning is great cos you have a lot of control over manipulating the clitoral pad.

What it does
The We-Vibe has quite a range of modes - including low speed, high speed, throb, wave, pulse, ramp, tease, ascending and cha-cha. The latter is literally a beat to the cha-cha. We loved the pulse and throb settings. The cha-cha? not so much.

What i thought of it
The Happy
Well, the We-Vibe is fun, i'll give it that. The strength of this toy lies in the intimacy of giggles and wiggling and talking about what feels good with your partner. Like all new gadgets and gizmos and weird-ass sex positions we try with our lovers, i think the We-Vibe should be taken with a lot of fun and laughter. I really don't think it should be taken too seriously.

I was concerned about displacement during a whole lot of thrusting, but the vibe keeps its place pretty well. Also, I like the little purple pouch you get with it. And it's very easy to take around with you. Mr Hardman quite liked the buzz, but felt that it interfered with the whole feel of pussy. Also, it'd be very handy if your man is on the smaller side, cos it'll add some pressure in places small peens can't get to.

The not so happy
So this is pretty much where i disagree with the rest of the whole wide world. I wasn't that impressed. If it was a r600 toy, i'd be impressed. for r1400, i expect something better than what ultimately feels like little more than a novelty toy. I mean where do i start...

First off, i don't like the feel of it. It might be medical grade silicone, but it's the one that feels like rubber and i'm not such a fan of that. It feels cheap.

Second, the settings do not work great if you're using lube. Why they didn't think of making this remote controlled is beyond me. The eensy little button is difficult enough to use when it's out of you and dry, let alone when it's squished between gyrating bodies and slippery from wet. You have to stop between a session to change settings and it's all weirdly counter-intuitive and out of the flow. So. something of a fail there for me.

Third, put your music on cos the buzz is quite distracting. At least for us it was. Especially when its on cha-cha. You kinda want to start humming along.

Fourth, the charger is dumb. Although I enjoy how neatly the connection point is hidden, I find it difficult to judge whether the vibe is fully charged - there's no light, no indicator, no nothing. For such a high-profile and pricey product I expect more than a R5 Crazy Store power point.

Fifth, I'm not sure this is something i'd bring to the bedroom on a regular basis. or at least regular enough to justify the expense. I guess what i'm saying is, if you have a couple of hundred to spare for a novelty toy for you and your partner – or you really need something to bring some fun and laughing into the sack – you can't get better than the We-Vibe. But don't go on credit for it. you know. i'm not gushing, is all i'm saying.

HOWEVER. this is just my opine and global sales figures would disagree with me.

  1. Medical grade silicone
  2. Soft, flexible
  3. Rechargeable
  4. Dual Action
  5. 2 motors -- 2 hours
  6. about 1300 to 1400 za ronds depending on where you buy


Marina said...

Thanks Dot for the comments and honest critique. It's good to know the "good, the bad and the ugly" with all the products. Marina (Whet Sensuality Emporium)

L said...

My GF and I bought the We-Vibe at the beginning of the year, expecting very big things (especially considering the price!). The little button to change modes is really quite silly, and my GF (or me) would actually have to hold it in place with one hand, to push the button with the other. A remote control would have made this toy at least 8 times better!

Otherwise, its an amazing toy - but you have to make sure your vagina is ready for it. We went for it without getting Miss V properly aroused, and it was a bit uncomfortable. She came very quickly though, even though I wasn't allowed to move :)

We now use the toy during foreplay, and only very occasionally. This post has inspired us to try using it more frequently and learning about how we should best use it. Excellent review, we'll definitely keep and eye out for what you try next!


Classy Abandon said...

We could have paid a big chunk of our airfares to Desire Adult Resorts in Cancun, Mexico for the price we paid for this little imposter...
The we-vibe yet to deployed in dual action successfully i.e. to the point of orgasm, but reportedly was successfully deployed in a solo effort, using the alternative bottoms-up method. so far a disappointment but we'll keep trying! Its too expensive to let it gather dust. But we'll think twice before the next expensive outlay and channel the money rather to the Cancun Debauchery Fund.

dorothy said...

it's best to leave it on charge if its gathering dust at any point - i read somewhere that if the charge runs out it runs out - the toy stops working and doesn't recharge :(

cathwrynn said...

my two cents worth- toys are not meant to replace lots of delicious and necessary foreplay, nor do toys mean an escape from the dynamic interplays of great sex....

also, varying positions from missionary might make "deploying" the toy easier. Try Yab yum, the tantra favourite (her sitting on your lap) or woman on top, if keeping the toy in place is an issue. Also moving away from thrusting to other possibilities could be nice eg her moving and you keeping still (the vibrations from the vibe should help you stay erect; some men find keeping still while their women moves so different to the normal friction based stimulation that they become flaccid. the possibilities are endless..

your "Desire" trii sounds worth saving for at any rate!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I am one of the millions out there who love this toy and recommend it to all!

It is not 'obvious' like some of the other toys and my husband and I regularly use it.

I do agree that it would be better with a remote control, however once you have tried it the first time, you will work out which setting you like best; then turn the we-vibe on to that setting before insertion for the next time!

I don't need extra lube for the we-vibe, unlike a rabbit which you definitely need lubrication for.

My husband likes the fact that he can feel the vibrations too and that I feel 'alive' to him.

Another tip: pop it onto charge for a couple of hours after use- that way it won't lose its charge for the next crucial time.

It is well worth the price.

Leslie Lim said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.