Saturday, December 11

fly me to the moon

it's been a while since i spent an evening with molly. it was lovely. it was the chefs' 10-year anniversary of cupcakes, cocktails and, well, cocktails.

slightly headachy and somewhat dry mouthed i am now dedicated to doing nothing, drinking lots of water and sleeping. or blogging while mr hardman plays resistance. this is what morning/afternoon/evening afters are made of.

i did tell you we were sleeping together again, right? yes, well. it's fun. there are some things that can't replace great chemistry, for everything else there's therapy.

urgh. speaking of. my body is now DONE with partying. back to yoga-ising and eating properly and being a Good Person to my body.

oao plums, this puppy needs some more sleep.


Sparky said...

din-dins again sometime soon, yes?
will bring movies and music

Anonymous said...

Oh my! If you listen carefully, that irregular thudding noise you hear is the sound of Cape Town men throwing themselves off tall buildings.