Tuesday, December 7


i have said yes to too many things! there is no time!! send for help!!! make it so!!!! to infinity and the bedroom!!!!!

i googled 'frantic' to see which image of franticness it would produce for me to present to you as a portrait of my 'i am slightly frayed' feeling in my gut.

it gave me this:

and then a weird, virtual random heart. this is krishna's way of telling me that all will be well. hurrah.
all i really want to do is get the freaking we-vibe review out - used it twice now, but arranging a penis at times suitable to oneself is sometimes a bother. and now i have my period.

oao plums
love and hugs


dignity said...

the last sentence explains a whole lot dot

Anonymous said...

Biology. What a pain (That's why I prefer Geography).

Anonymous said...

anoni1 But you have not said yes to me. sigh. i shall have to drive to you soon me thinks...