Wednesday, December 1

holy CRAP. for serious? part 3 of 3 - postsecret pics of week

on the back: i asked permission over and over she kept saying yes.
i'm still sorry if what she says is true for her

a few months back a tweeter plum sent me blog link posted by a chick i didn't know about at the time.

the post was about her ravishment fantasies. i was pretty impressed with how candid she was about it and thought about writing something about women and their ravishment fantasies and then men and their ravishment fantasies.

like most good ideas, i quickly forgot about it until miss k and i were talking about molestation fantasies and such and bean got in the way and hurrumphed about how we could be talking thusly in the same breath (different convo but whatever) as the 16 days campaign (which isn't much of a campaign in south africa this year).

stupid man. so i thought i'd write about that most verboten of verbotens and the difference between a fantasy and really real life.

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