Sunday, December 12

post reject of the week

i hate to say it but this week's postsecret is LAAAAMMME. where's the murder, the torture, the lurid fantasies, the cheating, the cruelty, the regret, the unrequited love??

so i go to postrejects to get a small kick there and... NOTHING. dude's closing the site down cos he can't think of anything lame anymore and can't compete with postsecret for that.

nevertheless, i've never posted from postrejects, so here're some i really like.

last night i dreamt @jeanbarker and i met ryan seacrest (i heart him just by the way) and she told him that i came from bellville and i was like, what the fuck man, why'd you go and tell him THAT now.

when i woke up i realised i still kind of cringe at it in real life also.

when i was in school we had no fokof and jack parow and die antwoord. bellville was zef and zef was not fucking cool. so i still have a moment when someone asks me where did you grow up where i footnote the answer 'bellville' with 'but on the right side of the N1 ha ha ha ha'.

fuck that shit. i'm over it.

and just FYI.



FunkyFaery said...

Dorothy, I do the exact same thing!!! When I'm asked where I live I say in Kraaifontein, BUT, I am very quick to add that I don't live on the dodgy

dorothy said...

hehehehe - i love that there are some major wine farms that are actually in kraaifontein but they bill themselves as, like, stellenbosh east east or something :) soooo funny.

Anonymous said...

"...and i was like, what the fuck man, why'd you go and tell him THAT now..."
Seriously, when are you going to publish that damned book?

Anonymous said...

If you live on the border of 2 towns (like post code Durbanville, municipality Bellville) then you get to decide which answer to give. If I shop in cape gate i get snotty comments about how much better Tygervalley is. Seriously who gives a shit. roof over head. and it ain't leaking. it's bloody fabulous. (and this is not a rant at you at all dot my love, just a general at the world one :)

dignity said...

come to belville and CY

dorothy said...

KN - tomorrow ;)
Anony - my parents always say that. we're literally one street into 'durbanville'... or one street out of it... or something, either way, i KNOW it's bellville.
dignity - seriously? you did that? :)

Anonymous said...

Now I am in the middle of Kraaifontein and Durbanville... hmm to impress or to be left alone...