Friday, December 17

a stab in the dark

so ja, a mate of mine from coal also makes these very awesome corsets (as well as being a fucking hardcore shaitsu person) and some of her product was on display at last night's black orchid burlesque thing at mercury.

this rocks. you know it does. (secret garden corsetry)

the show was fun although a little off on lighting, sound, technical problems and some pretty dismal performances by some of the models who you could see were roped into the game based on friendship alone.

but aside from that it was lovely. i really enjoyed Miss Diva DisaStar, the ballerina and the opera singer - who was particularly fab. clever addition i think.

miss diva.
(though, chicken, unless you're fucking barbara streisand you should NEVER be too busy for a photo. just saying. diva in name only love. in name only.)

ballerina boy (left), opera singer person (right) (she's simulating sex here and with every thrust she's hitting some pretty impressive high notes. made me smile.)

the belly dancers were cool, but i wasn't too sure what the dude and this biscuit on the right were on about. take it off or leave it on, don't bring your shyness to the spotlight

i've never watched a black orchid show before; i've always found their ticket prices a little OTT. this was confirmed by another chick in the WC after the show who was gushing about how much better this r30 show was compared to the r320 show she saw at artscape last year. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY RAND?! are you fucking kidding me? saying that i think this show was worth more than the r30 cover they charged. where's the middle ground lasses?

this was the opening scene. i quite liked it. though the boobs didn't fill the corset sadly.

there were a lot of very well-dressed peeps here but my phone camera's shit and ran out of power early. i like the pic on the right. it's quite hopperesque don't you think?

i love watching people watch

ah well, that's me for today... will post more about other stuff soonest.


Cathy Davy said...

Thanks for coming out last night, sweetie!

dorothy said...

it was really cool- thanks babe

Sparky said...

and where was my invite?!?!

Black Orchid Burlesque said...

This is not the typical Black Orchid Burlesque Show. This was a sideline project that was done in conjunction with Cadillac Barbie Hair and Tattoo Studio.

Our performance artists were involved in the show to make a hair show more interesting.

Ballet Boy is Jessi Jester one of our most phenomenal Boylesque Artistes. To catch more of this amazing dancer catch Jessi at Beefcakes in Green Point for a three week run of Boylesque, featuring many more talented performers. 5th/11n12th/18n19th Feb 2011.

Whitchvox was the delightful opera singer who is part of an amazing band called Jinx, as well as Puck and The Ruby Robins. Make sure to check out their gigs as they are not to be missed.

In order to get a better perspective of what Black Orchid Burlesque really does, we would be happy to give you a complimentary ticket for 2 to the next show in Feb @ Obz Cafe Theatre.

Or catch us at the Tattoo Convention or Metal 4 Africa this weekend.

Perhaps this would change your opinion on the quality of shows that Black Orchid Burlesque puts on in comparison to the show you saw in December 2010.


P.S. Black Orchid Burlesque has not had the opportunity as yet to perform at The Artscape Theatre and have not charged R320 for a ticket ever!

The only time Black Orchid Burlesque has ever charged R250 for a ticket was for our dinner theatre shows that we have put on at restaurants around Cape Town and Jhb, and the ticket included a three course meal as well as a bottle of Bubbly. So once again its not really as bad as one would expect it to be.

We have been in many articles as well as on tv. If Black Orchid Burlesque was really that bad nobody would come out and support us.

P.S.S Diva Disastar sends her greetings!

dorothy said...

hey fox

thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. i hope you realise this is just a wee blog with a observations by myself about shit i see or experience -- not 'real' reviews as such.

if they were proper reviews they'd be better researched and things that i'd overheard would be double checked.

i'm going to contact you via email.