Friday, December 10

the tantra chair

as i mentioned in the post the great sexpo snore i have a new crush - the tantra chair. here are some pictures to illustrate why... come drool with me...

i don't know so much about tantra, but i just keep thinking, fuck those are some awesome back bends (yoga AND sexercise) and how COMFY.

i want.

love & hugs


Sparky said...

its the third year I've seen the chair at the sexpo, and it really one of the best marital aids I've seen there.

and for some reason, I'm transfixed by that fourth image. mmmmmmm. *bites a knuckle*

Tantrachair S.A said...

Hi Dot

Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding our chair. We have been truly humbled by the positive response we have had since launching this product in South Africa. It seems the chair design really resonates with many couples, and a few singles too :-) Thank you once again for helping us share this wonderful experience with South Africa.

With Resect and Gratitude

Paul and Tjaart

Tantra Chair South Africa

dorothy said...

dear paul and tjaart

naturally you're more than welcome. of course, i find that gratitude is best expressed in gift giving. should you feel overcome with the compelling desire to do so, i like the off-white and will be able to make myself available for personal deliveries. just saying :)

love and hugs,

Tantrachair SA said...

Hi Dot

With the Christmas season we are currently snowed under with orders and therefore we are not doing any promotional pieces at the moment, however I will drop you a note early Jan on your personal email.

Thanks once again