Saturday, December 25

a very bing christmas to you

i love christmas as it's sung by bing crosby. merry merry one and all. hope the bunny brings you all the christmas cake you can eat.

i want a christmas thusly. i subscribe to the hollywood christmas i'm not embarrassed to say


Anonymous said...


Happy Christmas! It's your friend, Jesse (the serial blogger) from Taiwan. I don't have your email address... but am hoping you have mine. My partner and I are getting married in Franschhoek in October and are hoping you can recommend a fab photographer. Hope you are well. XO.

dorothy said...

hey hon - one of our photographers does weddings also - i'll ask her to drop you a mail - mail me at dorothyingeneral at gmail dot com
(and many many congratulations :) - very exciting ... are the pooches coming?)