Monday, January 3

bah poo blegh

imagine if you will one of those old beano comics with dennis the menace on the cover. no nevermind, don't imagine, here:

and here:

why i wake up with an image of the new year as dennis the menace is a mystery to me. maybe it's because i've been reading stories about murdering sailors who kill their lovers after wild, boozed-up fucking and mothers who imagine their babies to be souffles and then eat them.

you'd think that reading this in the relaxed environs of a incense-scented, candle-lit, pomegranate-salted hot bath would mitigate any negative effects on one's subconscious. but as one bearded thinky person once said, the subconscience doesn't have a sense of humour.


i sometimes hate the beginning bit of things. even imagery ones like the calendar 'new year'. sometimes it intimidates rather than challenges me. it reminds me of dylan moran's 'potential' skit from monster (which, if you still haven't seen is here. click click.).

that is all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Sod it all.

Kimmeh said...

I friggin LOVED those Beano comics. My cousins always had them stashed in the cupboard with their rather extensive porn collection...

Anonymous said...

alun used to get one every christmas growing up :) pomegranate nice?