Thursday, January 27

gays are still evil

i live in CT and surround myself with intelligent people so i often forget that the world is still full of homophobes, remembering only every so often when some backward up-continent country makes the news by jailing homosexuals (i'm talking to you uganda).

and then i saw this on Dlisted:

Turns out a Harps in Arkansas needed to cover an Us mag headlining elton, his partner and their new baby with a 'family shield' to protect the cheeeldren from the obscenity that is same-gendered love. or whatever that is. cos it's different to the love shared by those bastions of heteronormativity, bragelina or tom-kat.

here's what was on the cover:

i typed in 'satan evil blood death murder' for this. i was disappointed with the selection.

ha ha ha, no only kidding. it was way worse:

a happy, healthy, well-dressed couple holding a CUTE, SLEEPING BABY!!!!! these two embodiments of evil have been together since 1993.

'scared scream fear run cry'

read what michael k has to say about it and a statement by Harps here or look at some more pictures of vile bliss here.

if you read my blog i'm going to assume that you're a human of Some Brain. So let's pause together for a moment and pat ourselves on the backs for not being stupid people.


marina said...

What is really pornographic is that they are censoring love.

dorothy said...

the ridiculousness of it made me snigger a bit and then i read about that ugandan that got between to death this week for his sexual orientation. no laughing matter this homophobia.

dorothy said...

beaten to death i mean