Wednesday, January 26

helloooo sailor

so i don't usually do this 'i went here, i went there' thing, BUT i went here over the weekend. Hello Sailor in obs, cape town. (it's quite cute, although i expected something a little more punchy for the interior. as it is, it's a little more quiet bistro than bold raunchiness.)

i don't really venture into obs much anymore. it's too confused about what it wants to be. if i do go, i go to visit the chefs, eat sushi at house 1890 or breakfast at mimis (thought i'd get some of my 'i go here i go there' thing in in one blog. snappy no?).

but now, i might also go for a yummy at hello sailor cos the food is pretty damn good.

BUT this is not why i blog now. no. i blog about the pickleback.

a pickleback is a shot of bourbon chased with a shot of pickle brine - that vinegary juice that gherkins come in.

erm. yummo?

obviously you don't get all the bits of spice-making oddities in your juice - just the strained tarty goodness. i'm not an adventurous eater. not by a long shot. i can eat lentils and rice for days on end. so this combo was enough to make my brain churn.


it's quite ... weird ... and good ... and then weird again ... but then good again and makes a peculiar sort of sense. at least once it's in your mouth and you've swallowed it. the flavours actually work together.

i know, i know. ya'll be thinking something along the lines of 'one's palate is compromised after much consumption of liquor' or 'that crazy owner got one over on you you stupid buffoon', but even the new york times magazine has something to say about the pickleback. check it: case study | got your pickeback.

so there. thinky people have written COLUMNS about this drink. if you're in CT, stop at hello sailor and tell ryan to give you a pickleback. and then a tomato bolognaise. and then eat some food. but maybe before all of that, just ease your tastebuds into it with a few beers or something.

tomato bolognaise
i don't even know what was in this apart from tomato juice

oao plums, i'll more later.


Anonymous said...

tomato bolognaise = Tequila chased with tomato juice. Highly recommended.

dorothy said...

oh. well that would explain the monster hangover the next day. well that the bucket of liquor i consumed that night :)