Sunday, January 9

postsecret pics of the week

this is why religion can be so kak (reason #54 670)

what a waste. jissus. god will be angry with you? what are we? 5 years old? if there's anything that's fucked with being human and enjoying humanness more than anything it's religion...

after a particularly hectic relationship that enjoyed an end largely determined by the fact that i wasn't into churchianty and my lover was, i decided i would never get involved with someone who put an idea of god/yaweh/krishna/mohammed/buddha/the bunny rabbit/guru/jesus/whatever before actually living a life. the person who wrote this postsecret should be kicking themselves with the same ferocity of self-righteousness that they implicated their 'the one' with. arsehole. not that i'm bitter or anything. #justsaying etc etc

a memory: a coffee shop in york with martin. we start talking randomly when i ask him for sugar. my table has none. i must have sugar with my coffee and the waitress is too busy on the phone to give a shit. martin has aids and is battling cancer. we talk about his life, my life; my history is the picture of perfect compared to his. he tells me he hopes gayness is nuture not nature. he'd hate to think that it were genetic. if it is, martin says, it won't be long before well-meaning parents are splicing out 'gay' genes at baby gene clinics. it won't be long before we have a world of a-type white men.

i'd have to say i agree with him.

is my sexuality nature or nuture? i believe it's a matter of both. i think any sexual preference is. why should my preference for men or women be any different?

and now, after all that seriousness... my NSFW sex pic(s - missed one last week) of the week!! yayness!


i quite like this. but for the shoes. the shoes are so yuck. and then! how funny is this? a doorframe dick. lick, stick and fuck. nice one. very innovative.


happy sunday evening plums :)

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