Sunday, February 27

postsecret pic of the week & OGLAF

the postsecrets were pretty cool this week and there were quite a few i enjoyed - but i'm including this cos i want to write about weight and fat and thin and annos and obesity and and and this week.

as for the NSFW pic of the week, i thought i'd introduce you to oglaf - the comic pornographer that makes sex fun and funny and sexy and horny and weird all at the same time... (i've loaded the first four -- the 'cumsprite' cartoon introducing the apprentice and the queen chicken women person)

click to enlarge and go here for the follow-up > how the apprentice is punished... i dare you not to get hooked (oh and, incidentally, not suitable for work in the least...)

happy sunday night/monday morning plums!

Friday, February 25


i've always believed in the tipping point -- that moment when somewhere in the collective unconscious an idea, whose time has come, seems to spill out everywhere and everyone is suddenly thinking the same thing or connecting about it or making shit happen to make it more MORE.

if you know what i mean.

on wednesday the 23/02 i had that dream about the women porn movie house and blogged about it. on thursday 24/02, i found rabbit write while flipping through THP. and found out that on tuesday 22/02, chicken had coined the date as the new, annual lady porn day.

i'll leave off expounding upon how lovely i think she is, and post this little thingy she got going this week - getting women to write in anonymously about how they feel about porn and do a sort of 'post secret' deal, except with vair retro man flesh pics.

these are the ones i like and can relate to one level or another...

awesomeness ne? check out more here...


till later plums
i'm tired. this week ended kak.
i feel stupid and brain dead.

Thursday, February 24

me is a sex editor woot woot

plums. if you don't already know i've now officially been upped from columnist to women24's sex editor. yes, yes it's true. look, read what lili had to say if you don't believe me...


The first time I met Dorothy Black she was sitting at Beluga, twirling a martini in her slim, well-manicured hand and rubbing her toe up and down my leg. In response I fluttered my eyelashes and drank way too fast and got messy drunk and finally blurted out "I'm married." Read more...

love and life jackets,

Wednesday, February 23

hot and bothered

i dreamt last night that cape town got its first feminist porn movie house. In this dream I went to watch erika lust's 'five stories' ... it was one of three that were showing, but I can't remember the other two.

in real life i've only ever seen the trailer (check the link) and i am so amped to watch the full-length movie cos it looks hot hot hot. and in my dream it was hot hot hotter. had the most awesome dreamgasm from it. fun.

typed in 'happy brain orgasm'. this is what i got. makes sense.

ms minky is ordering some copies from over the seas so i'll be watching it super soon and getting all swoony and hot and bothered.

speaking of... check this vid out. its a documentary called hot and bothered by becky goldberg and it looks at making porn for women, ie porn that makes women's pleasure its focus as opposed to making them fuck objects like in mainstream skin flicks ... feminist porn is what it's called. (i'm only embedding the first clip, but check the rest out)

there are some important messages in this doccie, some that i think are necessary for people to hear, especially in south africa where we're still very pieperig to talk about sex and take ownership and responsibility for our own sexual well-being.

everyone has sexuality and no matter what people say in public, everyone wants to make their peace with it in private

women aren't shown or taught from childhood that it's ok to devote their time or money to sexuality

in fact, no one prioritises sexuality

the myths that women don't like sex, that they're not sexually aggressive or
sexually assertive, that they only enjoy sex as part of love, but not as an act itself, are not myths that will change by themselves

you think women aren't interested in sex? look around you, talk to women,
ask them what they want...

and one of the things they want is porn they can enjoy. i can't count how many chickens have asked me where they can obtain porn for women, porn that's as sexy and hardcore and depicts real fucking, without the scum factor.

what i love about feminist porn is that it's not a 'dyke' or 'straight girlie' thing - its a sex thing that respects the people who act in it, film it and watch it. gays, lesbos, kinks, queers, straights, vanillas, girls, guys ... whatevs. if porn was a person i'd hang out with fem porn.

(if you are keen to open your mind about the kind of feminism i'm about check this article out)

til later folks

vw darth vader cuteness

damn this is the shizzle

Tuesday, February 22

postsecret pics of the week and a juicy...

ooo there are some gooders on postsecret this week. looks like my displeasure and yawn has finally prompted some REAL freaking CHANGE around here. nice one.

shoo. i get it though. the mind can be a mad and unexpected thing.

ha ha ha ha! i wonder if frank makes these up sometimes

i hate when the postage stuff fucks with the image... like, just what?
just WHAT?! give me a daisy? stop giving me classics?
give me some marian keyes? read the fucking kama sutra?

lina scheynius

so there's you have it. i've been vair kak on the blogging of late. its just been busy and i've been lazy. i know how you pine.

anyhoo. in news. feels like i been retroactively nommed for a cosmo twitter queen thing. email telling me this came in a day or so after the radio ha-ha-poke-poke about not being nominated. weird that. was told they couldn't get hold of me. um. twitter?

never. the. less.

thanks an all but anonymity issues abound. so's'll prolly not do it anyways.

oooh oooh and thedotspot's new face is being designed and webbed and developed and rejiggled as we speak. much excite. new stuff will include an online and dynamic Q&A, a new comments system and events listing. and more. but i'm late so i gotta go.

love and bunnies

bunnies. yes please

Friday, February 18

blog blog wherefore art thou blog

blogging to resume next week.
i've just been



i wish my swamp looked like this, cos that's kinda cool.
instead it looks like this:


till next week!
or tomorrow probably

Tuesday, February 15

gaga goes a bit kaka

Dear Gaga.

No man. i loved you. but this, this ... this whatever you call it ... mickey mouse pop song is dull. it is not a major single to get all excited about releasing.

and worse? you're ripping off madge's express yourself. that's when she was super awesome. you don't fuck with that, you nerd. unacceptable. you should be ashamed. why did your producers not pick this up?

that's all i have to say to you paleface.

Not Impressed,

madonna / gaga mashup - similarity you say?

Monday, February 14

postsecret pic of the week


you know, i may be all hardcore and, like, screw valentines etc etc (check this post i did ages ago, the pics are pretty awesome [there's a click-through at the end of the post]), but, really, i am quite a romantic... or at least i like honest romantic gestures and believe that the REAL magic and romance is in actually making a relationship work. So a sort of cynical romantic or a romantical cynic or something...

anyhow, went to my first intro to tantric sex open day on sunday (ticking that booty bucket list...) and am in awe and in excite for this:

the yab-yum pose in tantra is one that allows for maximum focus and penetration and there are some super hot breathing exercises (yes you read that right) that heighten the experience...

it's not that i've never done this position, it's just that i've never done it consciously, you know, with a whole lot of focus and with the whole sex energy thing...

weirdly, the intensity of this position is exemplified in an image i saw as a kid. It's from damage, a hectic movie above sex, passion and betrayal starring jeremy irons and juliette binoche. This is the scene that overwhelmed my brain:

i could only find the poster pic in a decent size. the whole scene was more blue if a remember. anyway. that's 'my idea of sex' image for this week. oh and for love also :)

happy happy plums!

Sunday, February 13

life 2.0

@hestia_berna sent me this gem. i'm sure all of you have heard of second life by now. but if you haven't, second life is a virtual reality platform where you live, literally, a second life complete with avatar of your choice with clothes, hair, genitals, house, car, business etc bought and sold like any commodity in 'real' life.

logging on is free but many people are making a solid income from selling these goods -- the hair, clothes, houses etc (in reality lines of code) -- to the good residents of SL.

you have friends, relationships, sex ... there is nothing you can do in real life that you can't do in SL. in fact you can do more - fly, be a mermaid, a dragon, a soldier, a champion, a princess...

before ya'll get excited about big peens and sexy boobs, fairies and knights in shining armour go back and watch or rewatch that preview. shit is unnatural.

if there is something like an actually really real matrix beyond the philosophy, this is it. entrance is free but peeps are paying top dollar to make that tiny blue pill as tasty as possible.

we are a funny little species.

hope you had a good weekend pretty plums

Friday, February 11

roses are red

jeez i am so fucking over this week. over. it. and and AND AND i am not going to do anything on, about, regarding,referring to, in light of or touching on valentine's day.

i don't give a shit.

i would like to, but every other blogger as mooshed on about it enough today already and it's so fucking yawn i want to die of overboredom. anti or pro or post-anti anti or post-modern pro valentines. i don't care.

which is hysterical considering i'm going to do a 5 minute slot on 3talk with noleen (kinda not at all like oprah) to add the ha ha to the topic of reviving your flagging relationship.

momma black will be tickled.

anyway, the only thing about valentine's day that has made me laugh is this image by johnny ryan that i saw on viceuk.

have a good weekend plums.

Tuesday, February 8

what does dot look like

One of my most clicked on pages is the 'will the real dorothy black please stand up' one. when people google 'dorothy black' they mostly get this:

hungarian honey etc etc

suffice it to say, that's not me. my pseudonym has no connection to her at all. i started this blog in 2006 and chose a pen name because i wanted to slag my ex off without him knowing (we played in the same circles back then) and write about my pain and suffering on a public forum where others could share in my misery.

heartache and pain!! what an adventure!!

i think i managed about two posts along those lines and then got bored. but the blog and the nick stuck. so here we are. til about two years ago no one's really given a fuck what i look like, but since the whole sex column/5FM thing, i've been mailed more and more about it.

i keep the name and the anonymity for various reasons, but the two main ones are to keep the creepos away and because of this (click click).

mostly questions about how i look have been pretty straight up: are you fat? are you white? do you have big boobs? are you blonde? are you skinny? are you fucked in the head?

so i thought i'd put it out to twitter to see what people had in their own heads about what i look like. here's what i got:


marleneboyce I imagine you resemble betty boop, but with a more realistic waistline.

alex_jaich Like a Katy perry kind of look...brown hair red lips lol

aadiilah Not skinny, not fat, cheery chubby and bubbly, dark bobbed hair, freckled and fierce, very sharp laugh. (i've always paused at that 'cheery chubby' image of fat people being all post-war jolly)

pixelslave10 Dotty,in my mind, you are Dita Von Teese. #hot

DebbieMoans Average height, slender, dark shoulder length hair, loves red and black.Sports a filthy mouth & hugely entertaining @ parties. (yeah it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt)

ErroleneSteven I think you look pretty classy, well put together! (sometimes i can see my mother's eyes glaze over as she tries to picture me as a well-turned out young lady...)

staceywest24 I think you are a little short, dark brown hair, average weight (size 12 pants) but ooze sex appeal and confidence :) (i love the 'but' in this sentence...)

steelesm I think you've got dark hair and a wide smile. (well, now you know... :) )


Charliekie I think stylish but always with a bit of your own twist mixed in... (fashion designer friend to me: your dedication to anti-fashion is endearingly sweet darling, but maybe it's time you grew out of it...)

Gatekeeper_TD Medium height. Long tied up black hair. Always showing some cleavage. High heels and makeup a must. Red lipstick! (i think my friends would laugh and laugh at this, but never mind them gatekeeper, deep down this is what i actually want to look like ... see above, dita/betty/katy)

russellsmartin Not sure what you look like, but wish my google image search came up with pics as awesome as your does !

TyronlSA Nice curves- not too thin, not fat, the sex life keeps you in shape, look early 30s, sex life makes you look young, brunette! (cos 30 is screamingly old?)

traaidmark I think you would probably look a bit retro, pale skin, midsize bewbs, cocktail dress... brown eyes maybe. uhm... arty-ish (this could basically describe the whole of cape town's hipster-cool crowd. sometimes i long to be a hipster, but then i remember i have an actual personality)

naswho I picture you exactly the same way as @MvelaseP does. Must be a societal perception.

MvelaseP Early to mid-30s, voluptuous but not fat, medium height, dark shoulder length hair. White, but your feet show that. (voluptuous but not fat? hm ... i struggle with this phrase ... it's like 'voluptuous' is the new 'big boned'... i think by today's skewed size-zero standards, voluptuous is fat.)

_AhuraMazda_ Hmmm. Mid 20s, dark/brunette, "white", 5ft6, average build (not fat nor thin) (confused as to why white is in quotes? am i pretending to be white? am i kinda white, but not really?)

CoetzeeBok Killer legs. About 1.72 m tall. Auburn hair. Green eyes. In short. Sexy (you sure you're not thinking of @liliradloff?)

DJMager7 Judging be the feet, thin, well curved, confident brunette who struts around in lingerie. Hit or miss? (struts around in lingerie? i only strut on sundays and public holidays...)

adifil Your are brunette thin but not skinny and probably pretty and maybe a B-cup ;) (spot on on the boob size)

afairweather Little, curvy and stylish, with a wicked smile and a glint of mischief in your eye.

kevincopley Thin. Good body, long legs. straight black hair, bit below shoulders. Fair skin. Med sized boobs. That what I think. Close?

alessiolr I think you're a skinny little fiery redhead.

orphan annie - a skinny, fiery little redhead

LordFoom Unnaturally blonde, medium build, about 1,70 - 1,75m, sharp dresser, long hair. Is there a prize for the closest guess?

JDean78 Dirty blond hair, lekker tiete ennnn jy's 'n korterige chick? (lekker tiete? WHAHAHAHA)

watkykjy For fun I did a Google image search. Its just vag, dick and tits, so I am sitting this one out. Tainted. (wise)

willviljoen I'm guessing about 5'8', blonde hair (possibly fake), nice build, but with some nice curves to go with.

ryno23gouws I think your about 5 ft 10 slim blond with blue eyes.

mikeyferraris skinny, snobby blonde (gwyneth paltrow?)

QqlessPlz Face of jessica alba , boobs of pam anderson and a sex drive of a young michael jackson ;) (i was all like, cool yeah , awesome yeah, ... and then the michael jackson thing gave me the 'no' feeling)

surprisingly, the majority WASN'T blonde like i originally thought, but i only put together the blond pics cos i didn't feel like doing the others...

there were others via email, but i think you get the idea...

here are the pics people sent in:

suicide girls

(when i take that little yellow pill that makes me feel really good)

so, THAT's how people are seeing me... and now, because you've been such lovely plums ... here's a pic of me that isn't my feet:

bb cameras aren't that awesome i've found. so yes, grainy etc etc

so there you have it. some face. some hair. some chin. some teeth. and tongue. you were all mostly right about the hair colour. well done ya'll :)