Thursday, February 3

booty bucket list

Dorothy Black believes it's time you make a booty bucket list for 2011

Do you ever wake up and look at your sex life and think, holy fuckaroo, it’s time to shake shit up a bit? Miss America and I were having a natter about this the other day so I created a little booty bucket list (BBL) of things I’ve yet to do (or do properly). Read more...

i couldn't fit in 'shows' know, it reads kinda weird.
cos really, necrophilia is SO not my thing...well, unless you count that one dude i--
oh nevermind. long story.

so i thought i'd kick-off this year's worth 'o women24 columns with a light-hearted ha ha ... but also, it is serious cos that IS my booty buckit list for the year.

some people might find it strange to be so goal oriented, but i say one should always VISUALIIIIZE the future to MAKE IT SO. it's a bit picard meets chopra. kinda.

anyhoo...happy thursday plums!

i'll let ailenni blow a kiss for you



Sparky said...

my booty bucket list for this year is very short, and strikingly similar to last years list.

dorothy said...

what? get laid?

Sparky said...


Anonymous said...

I'm with Sparky.

you're my heroine.

dorothy said...

you should be finding it easy to pick up booty on your travels madame

The Scarlet Veil said...

Hi Dot, Love your blog! My wife and I have done anal 2 or 3 times. Nice for when you're feeling kinky, but we like old-fashioned pussy luvin much more. We've spoken about group sex. We like watching it in porn and enacting it with a dildo but the real deal? No not for us. Live sex? Maybe, if the place was pretty classy and there were no weirdos or pervs. We're just loving enacting fantasies now. Simple stuff, like I'm the fireman, or doctor. Or she's the teacher showing her student how to use a vibrator..

dorothy said...

that's great to hear! read your blog and like it a lot ... will definitely be checking it out more... you on twitter?

The Scarlet Veil said...

Not on twitter, don't like it...looking forward to more blogs. Also love your show on 5FM! Also a big fan of Violet Blue. Power to the Pussy (saw a T-shirt with that on and a pussy cat with its paws up in the air!)