Tuesday, February 15

gaga goes a bit kaka

Dear Gaga.

No man. i loved you. but this, this ... this whatever you call it ... mickey mouse pop song is dull. it is not a major single to get all excited about releasing.

and worse? you're ripping off madge's express yourself. that's when she was super awesome. you don't fuck with that, you nerd. unacceptable. you should be ashamed. why did your producers not pick this up?

that's all i have to say to you paleface.

Not Impressed,

madonna / gaga mashup - similarity you say?


The Scarlet Veil said...

Never really like Lady Gaga, her music is gaga.

dignity said...

im sure it wasnt paleface who did that mashup... what kak!! as for the mickey mouse pop...it sells. everything now adays sounds like or is a remix of 80`s songs

dorothy said...

LOL - th mashup is to illustrate how similar the songs are - not just in melody, but beat and rhythm also

dignity said...

urgh... me slow today, but i get it now ;)