Wednesday, February 23

hot and bothered

i dreamt last night that cape town got its first feminist porn movie house. In this dream I went to watch erika lust's 'five stories' ... it was one of three that were showing, but I can't remember the other two.

in real life i've only ever seen the trailer (check the link) and i am so amped to watch the full-length movie cos it looks hot hot hot. and in my dream it was hot hot hotter. had the most awesome dreamgasm from it. fun.

typed in 'happy brain orgasm'. this is what i got. makes sense.

ms minky is ordering some copies from over the seas so i'll be watching it super soon and getting all swoony and hot and bothered.

speaking of... check this vid out. its a documentary called hot and bothered by becky goldberg and it looks at making porn for women, ie porn that makes women's pleasure its focus as opposed to making them fuck objects like in mainstream skin flicks ... feminist porn is what it's called. (i'm only embedding the first clip, but check the rest out)

there are some important messages in this doccie, some that i think are necessary for people to hear, especially in south africa where we're still very pieperig to talk about sex and take ownership and responsibility for our own sexual well-being.

everyone has sexuality and no matter what people say in public, everyone wants to make their peace with it in private

women aren't shown or taught from childhood that it's ok to devote their time or money to sexuality

in fact, no one prioritises sexuality

the myths that women don't like sex, that they're not sexually aggressive or
sexually assertive, that they only enjoy sex as part of love, but not as an act itself, are not myths that will change by themselves

you think women aren't interested in sex? look around you, talk to women,
ask them what they want...

and one of the things they want is porn they can enjoy. i can't count how many chickens have asked me where they can obtain porn for women, porn that's as sexy and hardcore and depicts real fucking, without the scum factor.

what i love about feminist porn is that it's not a 'dyke' or 'straight girlie' thing - its a sex thing that respects the people who act in it, film it and watch it. gays, lesbos, kinks, queers, straights, vanillas, girls, guys ... whatevs. if porn was a person i'd hang out with fem porn.

(if you are keen to open your mind about the kind of feminism i'm about check this article out)

til later folks


kyknoord said...

I typed in "happy brain orgasm" and I got a visit from the IT manager. Oddly enough, he looks a lot like Bill there.

The Scarlet Veil said...

"especially in south africa where we're still very pieperig to talk about sex and take ownership and responsibility for our own sexual well-being." Fuck, never have truer words been spoken! Agreed also on the feminist porn. As a male, I would love more female-centric porn, and so would my wife! Please do let us know when the movies arrive, I may want to order one as well!