Friday, February 25


i've always believed in the tipping point -- that moment when somewhere in the collective unconscious an idea, whose time has come, seems to spill out everywhere and everyone is suddenly thinking the same thing or connecting about it or making shit happen to make it more MORE.

if you know what i mean.

on wednesday the 23/02 i had that dream about the women porn movie house and blogged about it. on thursday 24/02, i found rabbit write while flipping through THP. and found out that on tuesday 22/02, chicken had coined the date as the new, annual lady porn day.

i'll leave off expounding upon how lovely i think she is, and post this little thingy she got going this week - getting women to write in anonymously about how they feel about porn and do a sort of 'post secret' deal, except with vair retro man flesh pics.

these are the ones i like and can relate to one level or another...

awesomeness ne? check out more here...


till later plums
i'm tired. this week ended kak.
i feel stupid and brain dead.

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