Sunday, February 13

life 2.0

@hestia_berna sent me this gem. i'm sure all of you have heard of second life by now. but if you haven't, second life is a virtual reality platform where you live, literally, a second life complete with avatar of your choice with clothes, hair, genitals, house, car, business etc bought and sold like any commodity in 'real' life.

logging on is free but many people are making a solid income from selling these goods -- the hair, clothes, houses etc (in reality lines of code) -- to the good residents of SL.

you have friends, relationships, sex ... there is nothing you can do in real life that you can't do in SL. in fact you can do more - fly, be a mermaid, a dragon, a soldier, a champion, a princess...

before ya'll get excited about big peens and sexy boobs, fairies and knights in shining armour go back and watch or rewatch that preview. shit is unnatural.

if there is something like an actually really real matrix beyond the philosophy, this is it. entrance is free but peeps are paying top dollar to make that tiny blue pill as tasty as possible.

we are a funny little species.

hope you had a good weekend pretty plums

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