Sunday, February 27

postsecret pic of the week & OGLAF

the postsecrets were pretty cool this week and there were quite a few i enjoyed - but i'm including this cos i want to write about weight and fat and thin and annos and obesity and and and this week.

as for the NSFW pic of the week, i thought i'd introduce you to oglaf - the comic pornographer that makes sex fun and funny and sexy and horny and weird all at the same time... (i've loaded the first four -- the 'cumsprite' cartoon introducing the apprentice and the queen chicken women person)

click to enlarge and go here for the follow-up > how the apprentice is punished... i dare you not to get hooked (oh and, incidentally, not suitable for work in the least...)

happy sunday night/monday morning plums!


Sparky said...

*checks out comic*


Dave_Jones said...

I "love" this comic series. Always leaves me curiously aroused though *ahem*

dorothy said...

sparky > thought you might like

DJ > curiously aroused? there's nothing curious about it! it's fucking HOT :D

Anonymous said...

Comic sponsored by Kleenex.