Tuesday, February 22

postsecret pics of the week and a juicy...

ooo there are some gooders on postsecret this week. looks like my displeasure and yawn has finally prompted some REAL freaking CHANGE around here. nice one.

shoo. i get it though. the mind can be a mad and unexpected thing.

ha ha ha ha! i wonder if frank makes these up sometimes

i hate when the postage stuff fucks with the image... like, just what?
just WHAT?! give me a daisy? stop giving me classics?
give me some marian keyes? read the fucking kama sutra?

lina scheynius

so there's you have it. i've been vair kak on the blogging of late. its just been busy and i've been lazy. i know how you pine.

anyhoo. in news. feels like i been retroactively nommed for a cosmo twitter queen thing. email telling me this came in a day or so after the radio ha-ha-poke-poke about not being nominated. weird that. was told they couldn't get hold of me. um. twitter?

never. the. less.

thanks an all but anonymity issues abound. so's'll prolly not do it anyways.

oooh oooh and thedotspot's new face is being designed and webbed and developed and rejiggled as we speak. much excite. new stuff will include an online and dynamic Q&A, a new comments system and events listing. and more. but i'm late so i gotta go.

love and bunnies

bunnies. yes please

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Anonymous said...

You're late? Now that is much excite! If you name the tyke afer me, I'll give you a Lindt bunny.