Monday, February 14

postsecret pic of the week


you know, i may be all hardcore and, like, screw valentines etc etc (check this post i did ages ago, the pics are pretty awesome [there's a click-through at the end of the post]), but, really, i am quite a romantic... or at least i like honest romantic gestures and believe that the REAL magic and romance is in actually making a relationship work. So a sort of cynical romantic or a romantical cynic or something...

anyhow, went to my first intro to tantric sex open day on sunday (ticking that booty bucket list...) and am in awe and in excite for this:

the yab-yum pose in tantra is one that allows for maximum focus and penetration and there are some super hot breathing exercises (yes you read that right) that heighten the experience...

it's not that i've never done this position, it's just that i've never done it consciously, you know, with a whole lot of focus and with the whole sex energy thing...

weirdly, the intensity of this position is exemplified in an image i saw as a kid. It's from damage, a hectic movie above sex, passion and betrayal starring jeremy irons and juliette binoche. This is the scene that overwhelmed my brain:

i could only find the poster pic in a decent size. the whole scene was more blue if a remember. anyway. that's 'my idea of sex' image for this week. oh and for love also :)

happy happy plums!


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I love that postsecret card.

dorothy said...

no :) i do too