Friday, February 11

roses are red

jeez i am so fucking over this week. over. it. and and AND AND i am not going to do anything on, about, regarding,referring to, in light of or touching on valentine's day.

i don't give a shit.

i would like to, but every other blogger as mooshed on about it enough today already and it's so fucking yawn i want to die of overboredom. anti or pro or post-anti anti or post-modern pro valentines. i don't care.

which is hysterical considering i'm going to do a 5 minute slot on 3talk with noleen (kinda not at all like oprah) to add the ha ha to the topic of reviving your flagging relationship.

momma black will be tickled.

anyway, the only thing about valentine's day that has made me laugh is this image by johnny ryan that i saw on viceuk.

have a good weekend plums.

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dignity said...

Mon 14 Feb 2011
Join us on Valentine’s Day for our Kill Cupid Party at Quay Four…