Tuesday, March 29

even angels will fall

axe have moved on from making mere mortal (but drop-dead gorgeous) women fall for (or lose their minds over) quirky-looking man-boys because of the way they smell.

i feel like i should not like this, cos it's all so a little yadda yadda, angels yadda yadda, italy, beautiful women, halo yadda yadda, innoce--blah blah blah

but it made me giggle so i like it

check out the cute victoria station promo the agency set up in englandland on violet blue's site [clickety click]

Sunday, March 27

postsecret pics of the week...

hahahaha the postsecrets were good this week. i liked this one. it reminded me of a convo i had last week about some 'are you normal?' show queen oprah screened last year. like what the average person does. some things that stick in my mind ... the average person:

1. looks into the tissue after they've blow their nose
2. looks into the toilet paper after they've taken a dump
3. hides food wrappers in the garbage so people don't know what they've eaten

not that those stick in my head cos i do that or anything. you know. or that i piss in the shower. ever.


i don't have a NSFW pic (well, not TOTALLY ... it's an illustration of an ass) but this was new for me and i thought i should share it with you. behold:

figging: verb, peeling a piece of ginger and fucking your partner up the ass with it.

this is very funny to me i have to say. pretty funny indeed.
oao plums.

Wednesday, March 23

back to the future

kiffness doesn't come much more kiff than this. photographer irina werning had a brain squeeze about photographing adults in settings of kiekies from their youth.

check out more of the back to the future series here [clickety click]


Tuesday, March 22

i have sex

so the conservatives in america are at it again.

abcNews says the 'House of Representatives Friday passed a measure to end federal funding for abortion provider Planned Parenthood'* and that 'the measure would eliminate about $330 million through the end of September for preventative-health services, including federal funding for contraception and cancer screenings, at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.'

*it would be awesome if SA could have a similar website. pretty fucked up that in a country with such crazy sex, std and baby problems we can't even get a government-sponsored info website up and running.

Check out the full report here with video at this clickety click.

now, we might not care what the americans do to cock their country up further (i certainly don't), but i always love the lovely filmy effort that goes into lovely filmy things when they do (moorcock, gore, you tube posters) ... here's what happened after the funding was dropped...

can't we all, for the love of god, or at least for the love of sanity and all that is good and respectful of human intelligence please MOVE FORWARD?

pretty please?

Friday, March 18

friday funny

if you do not think this is cute and/or funny you do not have a soul. #justsaying

dear christina hendricks

i love you

i really do

god i love you. or at least your face, your lips, your eyes, your skin, your body, the way you walk, your voice , your ass, the way you walk, the way you look at the camera, your skin, your hair, your eyes, your mouth, god your mouth, if i had a mouth like that my life would be complete ... i love you, i have no decorum when it comes to expressing my utter appreciation for what you look like. i'm really glad i'll probably never meet you. because you're probably awesome and i'd have to lick your face and smell your hair and motorboat your divine boobage and then i'd get arrested and go to jail where i'd be beaten and have to do laundry, like in the movies, and i hate doing laundry.

but i'd still like to lick your face and smell your armpits (i bet they smell like cherry blossoms)...

which planet does your face come from christina?

go here for this one guy's top 15 pics of christina - and lord i can't disagree.

Wednesday, March 16

blame this

this is my new logo for the new site. i am so excite i can't even LOOK at this crappy blogger interface anymore. i can barely bring myself to place words of inanity pointlessness absurdity beauty and wisdom on this interface of blah. GET THEE GONE blogspot. i am over thee.

Sunday, March 13

facebook friends on star trek

fucking hysterics if you ask me. genius how this was put together.

oh well. hope your weekend was good. i spent today snoozing and reading, reading and snoozing, with some lovely lazy sex in between. (why is in between not one word? ditto by product. i've made byproduct one word in my editing. so there. fuck you oxford. i'm going all americano on yo ass etc etc.)

and now going to watch get him or me or something to the greek.

Friday, March 11

room 33

Room 33 Erika Lust from boolab on Vimeo.

Six directors were chosen to create a film short in 24 hours in the same building in barcelona, shooting at the same time for the project called HOTEL. This is Ms Lust's contribution.

Although i find the hotel in her depiction of it a little too cool to turn me on, i LOVE the idea - i want to be in a hotel like that. i'll take a MMF tonight please.

for more behind-the-scenes images clickety click. the other movies can be found on hotelcasacamper.tv or check the whole movie running in sequence on lustfilms >> . i really enjoyed Roger Gaul and Steve Green's piece (the one in the bar) ... the last three are all in spanish with no subtitles. poo.

need it be said that lust's piece is NSFW?

happy friday plums

Thursday, March 10

not on top of it

How could that happen?
How could that happen again?
Where the fuck was I looking
When all his horses came in?

We wanted to find love
We wanted success
Until nothing was enough
Until my middle name was excess

dear pj harvey. once again the voice of my angst. both lyric excerpts come from her 'stories from the city, stories from the sea' album.

when i started this blog, this dorothy black thing, it was a bit of fun you know, a little side-line project to life.


well, now it's a whole beast by itself. a beast i feel terribly compelled to feed. it is an alter-ego that demands constant attention. me and my twin.

i joke often about the whole (ir)relevancy issue. but in my small world, where i like to do other shit that isn't SM related it becomes problematic.

so every now and then i suffer from the FOB ('fear of blogging' for those of you new to the site), usually when i see my hit count shoot up and stay up, and new plums clickety clicking daily... it freaks me out a little... like performance anxiety on a soap box -- sad, amusing, a little pathetic

but there you go. i'm in the middle of a full-blown case of the FOB. overwhelmed by information i don't have, that i should have ... overwhelmed by keeping my two realities from colliding ... just overwhelmed

i kinda wish i lived in america where sex writers mean something. enough to make a focused living off of, instead of trying to squeeze everything in into a working whole...

anyhoo. that's my yadda yadda for now.


aiee nick nick - i still think of you

catch you later

Wednesday, March 9

*insert witticism here*



except that i think john galliano is really funny looking. i spent some time today just looking at pages and pages of images of him, trying to pinpoint what i think is so weird, so lynchian, so bizarre about the way this man looks.

his features are too much for his face - his eyes are too big, his mouth too wide, his cheekbones too round, his nose too nosey. it's like the idea his face had was to stay over-sized and cartoonish in that way baby animals are genetically processed to do to survive. but forgot he'd get older.

it is excess, constrained.

his pupils always seem dilated. i think it's because he sold his soul to the devil or something for his genius.

every time i see this picture i think that john galliano is not someone i would like the smell of. maybe it's the pink of his skin. it's unsettling. like it would be too sweet, too practised. or too musky, too deep with his own honest smell that it would unnerve. one of those smells that clutch to your clothes if you get too close, and cling to you, an unwanted haunting you're compelled to entertain until you shower again.

i don't care much for his anti-semitic rant. personally i think he was just drunk and making a show. being outrageous. apparently he's done it before tho, so, who knows.

i can just imagine that when the world is your oyster and you've attained everything we're told is worth to attain - money, genius, wealth, status - where you can do no wrong, where you're surrounded by adoring yes-men, where you get your way with everything, maybe the only thing to do is keeping pushing til something says no.

or maybe he's just an egoist. a douche. i would say cunt, but while i understand it to a highly offensive word, it still refers to lovely lady bits, and why would i want to associate galliano with my vagina.

or something. i'll stop now.

Tuesday, March 8

the pink parade

loved the cape pride this year. almost missed it to be honest. haven't jiggled out my calendar this year yet and when i organised with si to take some photos of me for the new site (THE most harrowing experience of my life. after that time with the chinese new year's luncheon dessert.) he reminded me that we ought to go and take a look at just one of the mother city's biggest events for gender non-comformity (a new, wordy phrase that includes everybody that isn't as straight as an arrow.)

shoo. that was a long sentence.

my pretties. the one thing i forgot to do TOTALLY in my rush to get there, was to ask more of the lovely paraders where they come from etc

these dudes scared me a bit. it must be said. i'm sure they're friendly enough. still. the whole black leather thing with cap has a whole dressed-down nazi on holiday feel to it.

anyway, mooshed along with the masses and took some photos, these are some of them - the others are on women24 - check them here.

i need a new camera. and i can NOT wait for my new site so's i can load lots of pics easily. the tedium of blogger's process with uploading pics is pissing me off immensely.

oao pretty plums

Sunday, March 6

postsecret pic of the week

if you could do anything for a day, with no consequences what would you do? most of mine are pretty destructive. in no particular order:

1. jump off a mountain
2. cause an accident
3. randomly stab someone in the knee or at least push them really hard. or something.
4. hold up a bank with a big gun
5. murder someone i really really hate ... but after i've found someone to hate, which might be difficult cos i've never really hated anyone
6. drive super super super fast right off a cliff
7. do heroin and then hang-glide off table mountain
8. go completely mental in a public place to see how people react
9. barge into parliament and declare myself king of the universe


10. ...


10. ...

dunno. can't think of anything else. what would you do?

Thursday, March 3

pop art blue

this is my new most favourite song in the whole world - from zero 7 's yeah ghost.

this is the other one that makes me feel


Wednesday, March 2

cheating hearts

Think you should be the only one your partner desires? Dorothy Black thinks unrealistic expectations might make fidelity and monogamy a bitter pill to swallow.
Confession time. I've cheated on partners before. Not often. Not as a rule. But it's certainly happened. In the past, though, I wouldn't call it cheating, I'd call it 'little, drunken run-ins'. I wouldn't call it lying, I'd call it 'simply not telling'. Not surprisingly, the lines between what's cool and not-so-cool in the Book of Good Couples Conduct became a little blurred over the years. Read more...

ooo this column had the twitter tongues wagging. i think a lot of the point was missed though.

see, it's like this: i think it's natural to be attracted to many different people. but sometimes, those attractions become more than just momentary flirts. they become objects of fantasy that use the energy (mental, emotional and physical) and time that could be spent on our existing relationships. i think, that if you're in a long-term monogamous relationship, that it's best to nuture a culture of honesty where you can tell your partner that you feel this sort of attraction for someone else, before it becomes a secret, before it can do lasting damage.

see, the thing with affairs and real, long-term cheating and lying is that the magic that is made by all the secret naughtiness is blown out of the water the minute you bring it into the light with your partner.

that's what i mean by honesty, kyknoord.

Read the full column here...

Tuesday, March 1

white rabbit

this was the plan last night - go for quick after work drink with wonder woman, go home, make a bite, write a column.

this is what happened - went for a drink, got drunk, went home, went to sleep.

it's not that i didn't have a great time, i'm just starting to wonder about this drinking thing. i'm just starting to wonder - again - why i do it. i detest hangovers. i get too drunk too quickly too easily. which means i'm kinda always stuck with some level of bleugh if i go out.

and there's the rub. i go out a lot. lunch meetings, dinner meetings, after work meetings, lunch catch-ups, dinner catch-ups, after work catch-ups, weekends friends parties dinners big brunchy breakfasts ...

so this morning, as i white rabbited my through the fuzz of a new month, i decided to see if i can go through a month without drinking. one month. sounds simple enough right?