Tuesday, March 29

even angels will fall

axe have moved on from making mere mortal (but drop-dead gorgeous) women fall for (or lose their minds over) quirky-looking man-boys because of the way they smell.

i feel like i should not like this, cos it's all so a little yadda yadda, angels yadda yadda, italy, beautiful women, halo yadda yadda, innoce--blah blah blah

but it made me giggle so i like it

check out the cute victoria station promo the agency set up in englandland on violet blue's site [clickety click]


Sparky said...

wish I could find a cologne that would do that! (sadly, axe offends my nostrils)

my search continues

crusty said...

I think that they were actually lusting after the vespa, not the geek