Wednesday, March 9

*insert witticism here*



except that i think john galliano is really funny looking. i spent some time today just looking at pages and pages of images of him, trying to pinpoint what i think is so weird, so lynchian, so bizarre about the way this man looks.

his features are too much for his face - his eyes are too big, his mouth too wide, his cheekbones too round, his nose too nosey. it's like the idea his face had was to stay over-sized and cartoonish in that way baby animals are genetically processed to do to survive. but forgot he'd get older.

it is excess, constrained.

his pupils always seem dilated. i think it's because he sold his soul to the devil or something for his genius.

every time i see this picture i think that john galliano is not someone i would like the smell of. maybe it's the pink of his skin. it's unsettling. like it would be too sweet, too practised. or too musky, too deep with his own honest smell that it would unnerve. one of those smells that clutch to your clothes if you get too close, and cling to you, an unwanted haunting you're compelled to entertain until you shower again.

i don't care much for his anti-semitic rant. personally i think he was just drunk and making a show. being outrageous. apparently he's done it before tho, so, who knows.

i can just imagine that when the world is your oyster and you've attained everything we're told is worth to attain - money, genius, wealth, status - where you can do no wrong, where you're surrounded by adoring yes-men, where you get your way with everything, maybe the only thing to do is keeping pushing til something says no.

or maybe he's just an egoist. a douche. i would say cunt, but while i understand it to a highly offensive word, it still refers to lovely lady bits, and why would i want to associate galliano with my vagina.

or something. i'll stop now.


Dave_Jones said...

He has duck lips!
And also, he just screams "TOSSER!" when he's posing so very very hard :D

kyknoord said...

*marginally clever rejoinder*